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Quickgrind's services take you to the world of Infinite PossibilitiesTM.
Its mission is to provide you with solution- based tooling, to give you the right tool, for the right job, at the right price:
Form tools • Port tools • Taper tools Barrel tools • End mills • Slot drills Taper end mills • High feed tools T-slots • Wodruffs... and more.
All of these can be designed specifically for your application with bespoke features including, but not limited to, Shank, Neck and Head.
It means you can end the compromise of standard tooling. Contact Quickgrind to discuss your requirements and discover the company's infinite possibilities.
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Tim continues: “Quickgrind’s robust, proven tool vending solutions are the solution to all the previously mentioned issues and more.
“Once we have audited your tooling require- ments and consumption levels, we can sup- ply engineers with a fully stocked machine – as our range of machines can hold from 300 to 1,680+ individual tools.
“The usage and stock levels are then auto- matically monitored, and replacement tools are sent-out before your stocks deplete. Because your tooling inventory and usage levels are pre-determined, you regain com- plete control.
“Our systems are designed, built, tested and manufactured in the UK by our experts. When engineers invest in our tool manage- ment systems, they are buying into the phi- losophy that we can fully service and sup- port the products with confidence.
“From a technical perspective, our systems are built and tested with security ‘front of
mind’, and that is why we adopt secure Linux based software. The device has the option of wired or mobile communication, but our preference for peace of
mind is 4G, completely remov- ing the system from the cus- tomers’ network.”

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