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Ideal for demoulding moulded parts with complex geometry
 HASCO standard components offer basic elements for plastic injection mould and toolmaking.
The company has defined international stan- dards and revolutionised mouldmaking with the invention of the modular standard com- ponent system.
Designers and mould makers benefit from a complete range of ready-to-install, high-pre- cision system components and intensive specialist advice.
One of the GTMA supplier's many standard solutions is the split mould kit. Mould mak- ers prefer to use split moulds when demoulding moulded parts with a complex geometry.
They allow undercuts on plastic parts to be demoulded as the splits act like slides and are matched to the full size of the mould. The standardisation of this concept means
that complex components can be produced rapidly and easily. The HASCO K2500/... split mould series is designed as a modular system. Depending on the geometry of the injection moulded part, customers can choose between the K2500/... ejector type and the K2501/... stripper type.
Photo from HASCO, the company is one of the Meet the Toolmakers event sponsors. Its split mould kits can be used without any restrictions on the cav- ity form and cooling.
The split moulds are available in eight basic sizes, each with five split heights. They are graded according to mould size and are pre- cisely coordinated with the standard dimen- sions of the HASCO range.
The corresponding K2528/... splits, in quality
 GTMA member Wogaard supplies solu- tions and innovative ideas to support a productive, sustainable and greener manufacturing industry.
At a time when, according to MAKE UK, the sector accounts for £192 billion of output Wogaard believes that the Big Three chal- lenges for many manufacturers are: Cost reduction, Cutting down waste and Decreasing environmental impact.
Key to this is the company’s Coolant Saver device – a unique product that meets those challenges by very simply and effectively increasing coolant and oil saving by 50%, dramatically reducing disposal (around 90%), and very positively impacting on the envi- ronment.
It reclaims fresh coolant rather than allowing it to be carried off with waste materials.
This is the kind of business Wogaard is - keeping at all times its green essence but
without losing sight of productivity.
Other benefits of the coolant-saving tech- nologies are:
• Carbon footprint reduction through lower- ing wastage and reprocessing
• Manpower reduction
• Higher swarf value
• Improved housekeeping
Photos from Wogaard – helping you Save the Green Way.
• Health and safety, and more.
Jason Hutt, Wogaard's MD, said: “To sup- port the manufacturing industry is our mis- sion, especially when machining is at its core. But we’re not just about reusing, recy- cling and reducing the usage and cost of neat oil and coolant.
“In the greater scheme of things, we play an

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