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  steels 1.2767 and 1.2343 ESU, incorporate a machining allowance and the core retainer inserts K2531/... have to be ordered separately.
The HASCO concept enables maximum possible use of the working surfaces and an optimised split opening displacement, even if functional parts and the split actuation are accommodated within the mould dimen- sions. The length of the splits and the core retainer insert corresponds to the full width of the mould.
The splits can be used without any restric- tions on the cavity form and cooling. They allow a generous open position, secured by integrated spring plungers, which ensures the undisturbed drop of mouldings.
The data for the split mould kits is now avail- able in the HASCO portal in parameterised form, opening up a wide range of new options for CAD design.
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From design to mould tools and more...
 From design and prototype develop- ment, Toolcast ensures that the manu- facture of plastic injection and high pressure die cast mould tools is a straight forward process.
The GTMA supplier at Meet the Toolmakers strives to continuously improve products and services to meet or exceed customer expec- tations. It builds quality products that are competitively priced and delivered on time. Areas it specialises in include:
Prototype Parts: It offers a full product design and prototype design service, where every component is individually detailed.
One of its engineers will visit your site to analyse your project requirements and help to fulfill the project brief.
As standard, it signs a non-disclosure agree- ment before entering into detailed discus- sions to ensure your intellectual property is correctly protected.
Injection Mould Tools: Tool specification and steel grades can be classified in line with your budget and requirements. UK war- ranty cover is included with Project Engineers available for on site support.
Toolcast's experience includes 2 shot, metal insert moulding, gas assist and high temper- ature materials such as ULTEM and PBT.
Die Cast Mould Tools: High pressure die cast tools are manufactured using European H13 grade steel or equivalents with either a P20 or S50C mould base. Its casting trial machines range from 80 to 800 ton with sam- ple weights ranging from 0.001kg to 12kg.
Twenty years of tooling and moulding experi- ence assists in the reduction of develop-
Photos from Toolcast – a policy of continuous improvement.
ment lead-times and the overall schedule to the point of production.
3D & 2D cad data files are generated using SolidWorks and can be output in a format of your choice.
Toolcast services also include: CNC machining, SLA, SLS rapid tooling, silicone moulding, painting, silkscreen, anodizing,
    important role within the circular economy by pursuing the creation of a future that is both environmentally sustainable and eco- nomically viable.”
The manufacturing industry is once again facing challenging times and there is a need to bring manufacturing together towards a common goal: sustainability in a yet to develop future.
Wogaard aims to open another window through which it can provide additional value to customers while complying with health and safety and environmental regulations.
Saving costs, reducing waste and address- ing environmental responsibilities
is every manufacturer’s wish list.
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and Start Saving the Green Way!
electro-plating, full prototype assemblies and
Vacuum Casting: Ideal for cost effective production of parts for exhibitions, market research, batch prototyping or, in some instances, low-volume production.
3D Prints: Initial designs can be printed in various materials to check fit and function with small batch runs available for product testing.
Its facilities include dust free paint rooms, hand finishing, sand and bead blasting and silk printing equipment. Pantone and RAL colour standards can be matched and Mold- Tech and VDI finishes can be applied on metal and plastic components.
Toolcast - flexible solutions for your business needs.

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