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 Leading industrial air cleaning specialist Filtermist has recently restructured its UK business operations to ensure it delivers a single-source solution for customers looking for cleaner, safer and more productive working environments.
Filtermist’s message is clear...everything required to create and maintain ‘clean air’ workshops can now be accessed in one place - making it easy to protect people from exposure to harmful airborne contami- nants and ensure compliance with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations.
The company, which celebrated 50 years in business in 2019, is now responsible for manufacturing a range of product brands in addition to Filtermist oil filters, all of which are being retained.
These include Dustcheck, Ecogate, Fastclip, Gallito, Kerstar and XS Automation.
The GTMA supplier's technical experts understand the best ways to ensure work- places are free from contaminants including oil mist, dust, smoke, fume and VOCs.
Given the HSE’s current inspection pro- gramme targeting fabricating companies, Filtermist is confident that having access to the group’s combined experience will be welcomed by manufacturers.
“New guidance has been released about weld- ing fumes (including mild steel) being classed as carcinogens and this, along with minimising exposure to metalworking fluids, needs to be addressed by manufacturers,” said Andy
Hives, Filtermist’s Director of Group UK Sales.
“As part of its enforcement changes, the HSE is stepping up its number of inspections, and firms will need to ensure they’ve taken the necessary measures to be compliant.
“Our recent acquisitions have given industry a single-source solution to tap into for a much wider range of contaminants.
“Whether that is initial advice and LEV testing, right through to supplying the latest oil mist filtra- tion systems or state-of-the-art wet collectors.
“Our Systems business can also project manage the entire installation.”
For more information visit the website or call Filtermist’s sales team on 01952 290500.
Bruker Alicona offers optical 3D surface measurement systems for quality assurance in production and research.
Among its recent featured products is the μCMM fitted with the pick and place automated loading system, which was due to be shown for the first time in the UK at MACH 2020 which was postponed.
The μCMM has changed the face of measurement technology in indus- try and when combined with the 5-axis option, and the automated loading system, provides a unique solution for engineers and toolmak- ers worldwide. It enables the automatic critical inspection components with user influence.
The μCMM is a floor standing measurement system that can be used in both a production environment and also in a measurement room. For those companies who do not have room for, or need, such a large sys- tem there are other products that can accommodate those require- ments.
The μCMM is an optical dimensional metrology and surface roughness measuring system which provides the CMM market place with multiple measurement capabilities in one instrument with one sensor.
All products work on the well established FocusVariation principle pro- viding dense point based data in addition to full colour images. This data can be compared against CAD data to verify production methods and also used to effectively measure wear on tools.

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