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 FAULKNER MOULDS – TOOLMAKER OF THE YEAR...again, again and again
'Impressive diligence' praised in creation of medical tooling
 Faulkner Moulds is the reigning UK ‘Toolmaker of the Year’, having won this prestigious Plastics Industry Award an impressive three times in recent years.
The Yorkshire-based Toolmaker won in 2019 for manufacturing a complex 2+2 impression twin-shot medical tool.
The tool, for an oral medical device, was delivered over a week ahead of deadline and created sellable parts at the first trial – an extremely challenging achievement for twin- shot tooling.
Judges praised the plastic injection mould toolmaker for its “impressive diligence in ensuring the project’s success”, whilst the customer, St Davids Assemblies, comment- ed on Faulkner Moulds’ “exceptional sup- port, technical thought processes and tool- making quality.”
Faulkner Moulds also responded to the UK government request for support in manufac- turing ventilators to help with the coronavirus outbreak.
The company is well-placed to create sophisticated electronics and medical tool- ing, including multi-cavity tooling designed for rapid and high-volume manufacture.
The mould tool featured is a 16-impression
tool, running successfully at a 7-second cycle time, fully guaranteed for a million shots.
With state-of-the-art software, machinery and measuring equipment and a highly- trained team, the GTMA supplier uses the most current and advanced toolmaking techniques.
Within the last five years, Faulkner Moulds’ investments include a new high-speed Mikron 5-axis graphite and hard metal machining centre, a new Agie Charmilles CNC Spark erosion machine and, in 2019, a
Photos courtesy Faulkner Moulds below, left, the award-winning 16 impres- sion tool, running at a seven second cycle time and, right, a rear piston tool.
new Fanuc 600 wire erosion machine.
The Fanuc machine (part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, via the University of York), enables the award- winning toolmaker to create innovative wire eroded collapsible core solutions.
The added convenience of a UK location, plus what St David’s Assemblies (customer for the award-winning medical device tool- ing) describes as “good value prices”, makes Faulkner Moulds’ toolmaking a
robust choice.
In-house tool manufacture across the sectors
Rapitypes is an advanced manufacturing support company providing clients with services from toolmaking and rapid pro- totyping to development models, proto- types and low volume manufacture.
The GTMA supplier has in-house moulding facilities and can provide small to medium batch sizes for sampling, fit and function, development, clinical trials and rapid part development in addition to its batch produc- tion capability.
The Rapitypes in-house tool manufacturing facility produces moulds ranging from small development volume tools with hand loaded
cores and inserts, through to small and medium volume production aluminium and steel tooling.
The company can build large tools for RIM parts such as moulded automotive bumpers, and equipment housings, or enclosures for scientific equipment for example.
It is supported in-house by industrial design,
engineering and automotive design styling studios, working across a spectrum of industry sectors including medical, scientific, automotive, capital and consumer goods.
The design facility also boasts comprehen- sive metrology facilities including CMM machines and plates in each of two automo- tive styling studios, and comprehensive tool room inspection facilities.
For further information please call the Rapitypes team on 0116 253 6591 or visit the website.

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