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An appeal to UK manufacturers to rethink their supply chain strategy...
The GTMA urges the UK manufacturing sector to rethink its local supply chain taking into account the Coronavirus outbreak.
Going forward, there are many lessons that will be learned from the COVID-19 crisis. One significant one for the OEMs is that much more expertise exists within the UK than is appreciated.
We know it is a myth that the UK no longer manufactures anything, but it is often repeat- ed and needs to be dispelled.
In reality, prior to this pandemic, we were the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world contributing 10% of the UK Gross Value Added (GVA). The sector plays a vital role as an employer, with a workforce of around 2.7 million, and as an innovator accounting for 70% of all business Research and Development (R&D) spend.
The Prime Minister Boris Johnson's recent call to action for ventilator innovation and supply highlights this, with engineering firms responding keenly.
We know because we have already put together a medical cluster group within the GTMA (please see page 10) and reference to the UCL /Mercedes ventilator programme.
There is little doubt that the COVID-19 pan- demic has shown a vulnerability in many global supply chains, and most OEMs are looking to secure UK-based alternatives. As Ad-Vance Engineering (GTMA member) can verify following recent news reports regarding reduced production levels at JCB’s UK factories due to component shortages from Chinese suppliers (see story this page).
by Julia Moore, GTMA CEO
So far, over 25,000 manufacturers operating within sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Rail, Power Generation, and White Goods have been identified as coming to the GTMA website seeking supply chain assistance.
Members of the GTMA have been support- ing OEMs and their tiered supply chains with critical manufacturing related products and services such as Additive Manufacturing, Precision Engineering, Toolmaking, Tooling Technologies and Metrology.
As such, the association can provide an essential link within the supply chain, provid- ing an invaluable service for manufacturers.
But not only this, GTMA launched the Reshoring initiative behind the comprehen- sive online Reshoring UK resource (, which has been devel- oped to act as a conduit between manufac- turers with specific needs and challenges, and those UK companies capable of addressing them.
Even before the global threat from COVID-19 there was a paradigm shift from OEMs look- ing at the benefits of reshoring, as highlight- ed by the Lloyds Bank report ‘Business in Britain: Manufacturing’.
A sponsor of the Reshoring UK facility, research from Lloyds Bank showed more than a third (37%) of firms asked said they
were planning to move manufacturing processes back to the UK that had previ- ously been offshored to territories like Asia and eastern Europe.
The prime motive for this, cited by 71% of those with these plans, was to improve qual- ity – a telling endorsement of the high stan- dards that British manufacturers and work- ers uphold, which also has extremely posi- tive implications for UK supply chains.
With so much value to be gained for both sides, large manufacturers only need to look more closely at what is already available to them in this country, in terms of innovation, technology transfer across sectors, and quality.
The GTMA urges the manufacturing sector to seize this opportunity to reconsider its supply base and take this opportunity to make a fundamental change to reshore their production back into the UK.
ReshoringUK – the associations Pages 42-43
     'Think local' on your supply chain, says UK MD
A leading injection tool mould manu- facturer is urging the UK’s manufactur- ing sector to rethink the long-term benefits of ‘local sourcing’.
The re-shoring call comes from Roger Vance, MD of GTMA supplier Ad-Vance Engineering which is headquartered in Northern Ireland. It follows recent news
reports surrounding reduced production lev- els at JCB’s UK factories due to component shortages from Chinese suppliers because of the coronavirus outbreak.
“The coronavirus has heightened the need to ‘think local’ on a long-term basis, and reduce over reliance on overseas sourcing,” said Roger, whose tool manufacturing busi-
ness recently marked its 15th anniversary.
“Many leading businesses are suddenly fac- ing major supply challenges because of coronavirus. But with over 50% of UK tool manufacturing currently being sourced from China, the impact on our entire manufactur- ing sector, and wider economy, could be disastrous.”

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