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   New Solutions and Industry Favourites – excellence at work
  A new, occasional feature where we highlight some of the achievements of leading GTMA suppliers of measurement services and products.
Bowers Group 27
Excellence from the quiet people
Indysoft Europe 29
Asset management at a £multi
-million project
Che Metrology 29 Investing for the future
Tinius Olsen 30-31 140 years birthday of a world leader Bruker Alicona 30-31 G5 system is a compact winner Manchester Metrology
Snapmaker – the 3-in-one 3D printer
From the Bowers Group
    Metrology UK
Verisurf helps Morgan Cars
The world of metrology is a quiet one. We don’t shout about what we do and unless you are in the industry you have no way of knowing the length and breadth of objects that need to be measured, either for our safety or for our comfort.
Nevertheless, we have teams of people work- ing to ensure manufactured parts are more than just fit for purpose. These parts help to build our infrastructure as well as our consum- ables, all to exceptional levels of precision. Working to such levels of precision is always demanding.
As components are getting more sophisti- cated in design, with 3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing, the demands on us will become greater as measurement needs to keep up with product design.
Many of Bowers' customers use a range of equipment, from the traditional hand held tools, to the more sophisticated Bluetooth gauges right up to the contact and non-con- tact optical systems on offer.
Many of our customers now need a more comprehensive range of products to com- plete the measurement tasks. Greater and
improved technology can assist in the devel- opment and growth of these.
As metrologists we are now getting into the realms of not just BlueTooth, but also the Cloud as data can now be stored, utilised and transferred automatically.
The Internet of Things has grown out of the IT world and into the world of metrology, where a number of tools and devices link to drive efficiencies into our factories.
Time saving measuring devices or improved levels of accuracy are all ways in which our quiet industry moves forward.
Within Bowers Group we continuously look to develop differing methods to improve the outcome for customers. We have a dedicat- ed team of people who can look at a manu- facturing conundrum analytically and devel- op a method of measuring the complex component for that customer.
If you need some advice or are looking for a solution to a problem then contact us on
Werth Metrology 35
Computed tomography at its best
Kemet 36-37
Off the shelf and bespoke solutions
Innovative Measurement 36-37 Solutions
Now with magnetic scale technology
Photo from Bowers Group of its Trimos V5 height gauge which ensures quality of components used in the medical, defence, aerospace, automotive and electronic industries. The gauge was delivered recently to precision turned parts manufacturer AES Precision, which produces complex, high pre- cision components for various sectors. The gauge can be manually operated or motor driven.

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