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CHE Metrology continues to invest for the future by upgrading and enhancing its calibration equipment to provide companies with the highest standard of reference material.
Additional step gauges planned for the first half of this year will further enhance the company’s capability.
Investing in the Renishaw XL80 laser sys- tem will provide savings when error map- ping a retrofitted CMM. CHE Metrology has used the Renishaw ML10 system for over
30 years and felt that an investment to improve the speed of data collection and set up times for different parameters would be beneficial.
Retrofitting a coordinate measuring machine still provides the best cost-effective option. The machines are rigorously overhauled and fitted with the latest controllers and software.
Development work has taken place for new error mapping tools designed to work alongside retrofitted motion controllers.
Andy Horne, Director at CHE Metrology, said: “ I am constantly meeting customers frustrat- ed by expensive software maintenance plans and the idea that choice is restricted to a cer- tain major CMM software package.
“As the official Aberlink 3D software retro- fitters, our customers quickly realise the benefits of these upgrades using excellent British products. They
see there is competent and cost effective choice out there.”
Asset Management System transforms efficiency
Asset management software from GTMA supplier IndySoft is at the heart of a multi-million pound project at one of the world's most modern manufac- turing sites for integrated bioprocess- ing solutions.
IndySoft Managing Director Jake Bishop won the project after demonstrating the software on-site to employees.
The customer is Parker Bioscience Engineering and Filtration of Birtley, County Durham, which has over 50 years experi- ence in supplying high quality filtration prod- ucts and services for applications in the life sciences, food and beverage, industrial pro- cessing and microelectronics markets.
Essential to the facility is the company's Instrument Service Group which maintains, tests and calibrates a wide range of cus- tomer equipment, including filter integrity testing machines.
Prompted by parent company Parker Hannifin's philosophy of pursuing constant improvements Andrew Harker, of the Group, found IndySoft after an internet
search for an effective asset management software solution to:
• Streamline processes
• Increase productivity
• Maintain data integrity and • Improve logistics.
Andrew said: ““Given that the use of IndySoft would represent a radical change to the way the Instrument Service Group operated, we organised an in-house demonstration.
“In addition to Jake demonstrating the soft- ware’s logical structure, ease of use and speed, he was also able to clearly demon- strate the software’s ability to streamline the operations of the Instrument Service Group.”
Many other advantages were discovered as colleagues outside the Instrument Service Group began to explore issues related to their own functions. In the vast majority of cases, Jake was able to illustrate how IndySoft was able to help in these other areas too.
“Unlike some of the other more ridged soft- ware solutions we considered, IndySoft is extremely flexible and adaptable. As we have now gained more experience and confidence in the software’s use, we have begun to customise various screens and workflows to suit our own particular use.
“When compared to our previous unwieldly, paper based system, we are convinced that our department has made a quantum leap forward by adopting the most efficient soft- ware based asset management system we could find.
“IndySoft has delivered on all of the promis- es made prior to purchase and has trans- formed our department’s effi-
ciency levels”

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