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New partnership brings hardness testers to market
 For over 80 years Kemet International has supplied off the shelf and bespoke solutions for a huge variety of lapping and polishing operations.
These have always tended to be one of the final operations towards the end of a partic- ular components' manufacture. Whether it be a flat or spherical part needing a specific finish and geometry, a metallographic sam- ple needing preparation for analysis, or a complex mould tool needing hand finishing, Kemet has been the company to turn to.
At the other end of the manufacturing process, where parts begin their life as a casting, Kemet now offers machines to grind or mill test pieces from cast materials in preparation for Spectral Analysis.
One of the most common methods used to determine the elemental components in solid metal samples within foundries is
Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES), and to get the most accurate results from the analysis, it’s important that the samples have a flat and uniform surface.
Kemet’s comprehensive range of spectro- graphic sample preparation machines pro- vide the perfect surface, whether ferrous or non-ferrous material, for OES and X-Ray
Fluorescence (XRF) analysis.
The Spectral 250 and 350 surface finishers use a rotating abrasive disc within a protec- tive housing for quick preparation of sam- ples, manually held onto the disc with spe- cial holders to protect the operator. The 250 is a table top machine with exhaust port for dust collection; the 350 is a larger floor standing machine with the choice of single or dual disc and an integrated dust collec- tion system.
The Spectral MM is an automatic milling machine for fast milling of non-ferrous and steel samples equipped with automatic sample feed and an HMI controlling fee- drate, milling depth and spindle speed.
Completing the range is the Spectral PG52 and AG 52 which use a grinding wheel to prepare iron and steel samples. The PG 52 uses a pendulum system for manual grind-
 GTMA supplier Innovative Measurement Technology (IMT) is now the official UK and Ireland distributor for Magnescale, the magnetic scale technology specialists.
For over 50 years, Magnescale has been providing superior accuracy and legendary reliability to customers around the world.
IMT took on its role from January and its press release highlights the advantages of Magnetic Scales and their resistance to oil, dust, vibration and shock.
Easy to install, they are suitable for a wide range of applications: grinding machines, milling machines, lathes, drilling machines, measuring machines and measuring fix- tures.
Magnescale's magnetic scale technology can maintain high accuracy even under harsh environments without being affected by condensation, oil or coolant.
As a family run business IMT is well known as one of the leading suppliers and distribu- tors of high accuracy and high-quality metrology products globally.
Individually it has over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of these types of products, and it has built the confi-
dence of many companies in the metrology industry.
Among highlights of Magnescale are:
Digital Gauge (High Durability) DK / DS / DT Series & Tough Sensor: The number of cycles has reached 270 million, with a theo- retical value of 250 million cycles. High durability, excellent vibration and shock resistance, along with the ball spline spindle construction, contribute to a long opera- tional life for a wide variety of applications.

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