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   ing, whereas the AG 52 has an HMI for fully automatic operation, both having pro- tected interlocked doors for safe and effi- cient sample preparation.
Like all machines supplied by Kemet, the Spectral range is fully supported by their network of technical representatives and the after sales and service department where customer service is the priority.
Once the make-up of a material has been analysed its hardness is often another property to be checked and certified.
Kemet has recently partnered with EMCO-TEST in Austria to distribute its wide range of Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop and Brinell hardness testers. With 65 years experience, EMCO has been the OEM manufacturer of hardness testers for some prominent brands in the industry and now designs its own brand, 5th Generation, range of machines, from the benchtop Durascan 10 to the floor standing Duravision 300.
With their intuitive ECOS software, these machines make hardness testing a simple, quick operation. Optional, advanced software modules tailor specific hardness evaluations, like hardness heat maps,
as part of the simple analysis.
With the “Pay per Method” pricing options these very advanced machines can be supplied at a remarkably competitive price
Contact Kemet at 01622 755287, or visit the website.
      Coordinate Measuring Machine specialist Accredited Calibration Laboratory to ISO 17025
Accredited to ISO 10360-2:2009/2010 for Single Stylus Probing
Hardware/software retrofit packages a speciality for most CMM’s
Approved retrofitter for Aberlink Software/Deva Controllers
Highly trained staff to perform a full service and calibration, plus minimise downtime
“One Stop Shop for all your needs”
 Tel: 01527 558255
  There is also lower fluctuation of spindle resistance which gives high repeatability by stable spindle resistance; and there is strength against radial loads as the bearing structure strengthens the entire spindle.
Laserscale, BS78 Series: Offers high speed and high resolution, while maintaining stable, ultra precision measuring. Ideal for precision stages, semiconductor inspection/manufacturing systems, and ultraprecision pro- cessing machines.
DRO: GB-ER Series: Renowned for its legendary accuracy and reliability, the GB-ER is suitable for precise, high resolution applications. It offers excellent durability against workshop conditions with resistance, again, to oil, dirt, shock and vibration.
• Compact design for easy installation • Resolution: 0.5 Ìm • Accuracy: (5+5L/1000) Ìm • Output signal : A/B quadrature, Z signal
Multifunctional counters: LG20, LH70, LH71, LH71A, LH72, with the LH70 Series position counters developed for general-purpose machine tools. LH71A-3 can be used for milling machines and lathes applications by switching initial settings. LH72 is designed for lathes.
IMT is happy to discuss your requirements and more information is on its website:

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