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Guhring is a world class manufacturer of precision cutting tools and allied tool- ing for the engineering and manufacturing industries.
Tools can be manufactured to suit customers' specifications or selected from the vast standard, stocked Guhring range, or sup- plied from leading tool distribu- tors throughout the UK and Ireland. It has a range of 1620 standard products in over 44,000 sizes.
The aim is to provide the ideal tooling solution in the fastest possible time.
Founded in 1973 as a sales, stocking and distribution opera- tion Guhring has grown into an established UK manufacturing company able to produce spe-
Tebis is a leading global provider of CAD/CAM/MES software with expertise in consulting, implementation and support.
It has provided software and associated services for mechani- cal component, model, pattern, die and mould manufacture in sectors including aerospace, automotive, motor sport, energy and oil & gas.
Tebis software offers advanced technologies for manufacturing process standardisation, automation and shopfloor equip- ment, as well as for resources monitoring, production planning and control.
Its unique knowledge-based machining technology supports database libraries of machine tools, cutting tools with machin- ing parameters, machining fea- tures, CNC toolpath templates
     cial tools on short deliveries and regrind/recoating service.
Its field technical support engi- neers and in house design and application engineers use the very latest in cutting tool technol- ogy to support manufacturing.
This is achieved by ensuring that optimised tools are
designed, developed, manufactured and
and machining process tem- plates. Best machining practices can be built into a Tebis data- base and shared among CAM engineers.
The Tebis unique Virtual Machine technology supports machining set up and planning, collision-free CNC toolpath cal- culation, simulation and verifica- tion. It is especially beneficial to customers for 2.5D to 5-axis milling, trimming, laser
cutting, mill-turn and
robotic machining.
     Coventry Manufacturing pro- vides a bespoke service for all its customers’ needs in areas including Special Tooling, Wire Erosion, Location Buttons, Special Cutting Tools and Regrind Service.
It manufactures various types of location buttons for aerospace and automotive fixtures in mate- rials such as carbide, HSS and Silicon Carbide. It also manufac- tures transducer tips and con- nector tips.
Other services include the man- ufacture of special cutting tools in solid carbide, brazed carbide tipped, HSS and ASP 30-60 Material.
It also supplies a complex range of workholding from anything such as collects collets to spe- cial purpose jaws to fit any shape of form. It also supplies bespoke bend tooling for the automotive industry.
As well as special tooling it offers a standard regrind service on traditional machines as well as for the latest CNC machines.
Coventry Manufacturing's goal is to ensure its customers receive a full and comprehen-
sive professional service employing the latest
Fimark provides advanced coatings and luxury and functional finishes for the automotive, aerospace, med- ical, defence and general manufacturing industries. Processes include:
TECHNICAL SPRAY PAINTING AND LASER ETCHING: Used for backlit buttons and fascias for dashboards and driver controls. Its components are in vehicles including Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Peugeot and Renault.
ENGRAVING AND MARKING SERVICES: Used on compo- nents including for branding or
marking as logos, serial numbers, bar codes, product codes or user
instructions and warnings. Laser marks give a permanent, aesthet- ic and non-damaging solution.
LASER SURFACE TEXTURING: Various uses including for the texturing of moulds or directly onto components. The technol- ogy allows engraving on com- plex geometries of the finest tex- tures on materials including steel, aluminium, carbide, brass, graphite, copper and ceramics. It competes with the finest hand engraving and can be used to add value to finished components such as
watches and jewellery.
Aeration & Mixing Ltd
Glendale Mouldings
Industrial Maintenance Services Meusburger Georg Gmbh
Paragon Toolmaking Co Ltd Preconomy
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