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Parkinson's drug delivery success by Renishaw
 Renishaw has announced completion of the main part of a multi-centre clinical trial jointly undertaken with Herantis Pharma plc for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.
GTMA supplier Renishaw said its award- winning intraparenchymal drug delivery device has played a critical role in a joint Phase 1-2 clinical study. This was an investigation of cerebral dopamine neu- rotrophic factor (CDNF) as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease.
The study’s repeated delivery regime, which allows for a prolonged therapeutic window, is crucial to achieve the poten- tial neuroprotective and neurorestorative actions of CDNF, and has been made possible through the use of Renishaw’s ground-breaking drug delivery system.
Initial results indicate predictable and accu- rate placement of the device as well as its positive performance and safety. The com- pany will continue to assess the results as the data is analysed and through the exten- sion part of the study, as patients receive ongoing monthly infusions of CDNF using the Renishaw device.
The delivery system has up to four catheters, which can be implanted into tar- get areas within the brain. The catheters are
accessed via a 3D printed titanium tran- scutaneous port implanted behind the patient’s ear.
Drug-filled infusion lines are connected using an MRI compatible application set, which locates onto the port. Retractable needles extend through a septum in the port to enable therapeutics in the exter- nal infusion lines to be infused through the implanted catheters.
Rupert Jones, Managing Director of Renishaw Medical, said: “The results of this trial and the performance of Renishaw’s drug delivery system are promising for the many people with Parkinson’s disease and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the trial participants for making this possible.”
Two GTMA suppliers are helping the work of Leicester University's Space Research Centre electronics workshop where researchers design and manufacture safety critical electronic assemblies for orbital and planetary space research and ground- based research instruments. The centre is using GTMA's Vision Engineering’s Lynx Evo microscope. The impressive depth of field combined with a binocular field of view ensures that a large working area can be viewed with a good depth in focus, and there is no aberration when you move, according to workshop head Duncan Ross. In an interview with fellow association sup- plier Optimax Imaging Inspection & Measurement he said the Lynx Evo stood out as it gives unparalleled insight.
Third Dimension says it has taken the industry standard to a new level with the GapGun Pro2 and T series sensor heads. Designed for the increasing needs of auto- motive metrology and quality control engi- neers the supplier spent three years to
build cutting-edge technology into the 25+ year established GapGun. A new ‘T60®’ sensor head family delivers 3.5 x better pixel resolution with enhanced accuracy. It has a measurement cycle of just 1 second in a smaller, more robust casing and deliv- ers sharper, more reliable data across many applications. There is a simple upgrade option for existing users. Contact for a demo.
Verus Metrology Partners has announced a new partnership with Apex Metrology which will see it supply Verus’ bespoke metrology fixtures along with their modular metrology fixturing kit – V-FIXTM – for non-bespoke fix- ture solutions. The venture also sees Apex become the newest member to join Verus’
Approved Partners Programme. The compa- nies have worked together for 12 years to provide clients with a superior turnkey metrology service and the latest alliance strengthens this lengthy working relation- ship.
Pentagon, which received the prestigious Investment in Young People award from the Sussex Chamber of Commerce in 2019, has taken its level of educational support to the next level as it welcomes its first ever Graduate Placement Student. The GTMA supplier is “proud” to be providing a student on a four-year Product Design Degree at Bournemouth University, with a 20-week placement. Conor (pictured) will work closely with the in-house design team and said: “I will be able to work with clients and see first-hand the complexities of the manufac- turing process.”
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