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Definition of Manufacturing Processes: These are the steps through which raw materials are transformed into a final product: Wikipedia
How could Rolls Royce, Smiths, Babcock, JLR and the UCL F1 Consortium have answered Government’s call without the UK engineering supply chain?
These engineering companies responded in 24 hours in unprecedent- ed numbers to the appeal for companies to help in the UK's fight against Covid-19.
We wish to thank the many GTMA members and acknowledge their amazing response to the crisis on pages 38-40. They have so gener- ously contributed and many are working full time to satisfy the demands of production for ventilators, face visors and maintaining other essential medical supplies.
  This has been an incredible feat. I hope that our brilliant manufactur- 10-11 ers, who have turned from their specialist industries to producing med-
ical devices, will now recognise and applaud the UK engineering com- 12-24 panies who have responded with their extensive knowledge and flexi- 13-14 bility to produce and deliver high volume quality parts in record time. 15-24
26-37 38-40 40
41 42-43 44-45 46
It is so important that our UK Manufacturers safeguard their future security by including the UK engineering companies in their supply chains so that we maintain these skills in the UK. If we do not, we stand to lose these companies and then where will we be?
Relying on overseas production for so much of our engineering infra- structure has almost brought us to our knees. By working together we hope that this has demonstrated that the skills and the speed of deliv- ery are here in the UK - it is just that the Manufacturers have lost touch with this part of the supply chain. We hope that our initiative on page 25 will start to change all that and as this platform grows so we will encourage our Manufacturers to return.
Our UK engineering companies have shown how powerful it is to work together. It should not be forgotten when this crisis has passed. Look what we all achieved in three weeks – we should remember how good this feels and the extraordinary results that this has produced.
Julia Moore
Chief Executive
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