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 Digital excellence can be part of your sales effort
 GTMA's Digital Marketing Programme and its marketing team can be viewed as part of your sales programme
for 2020.
These are the benefits of the programme which is going through a further expansion during the year:
220,000 pages viewed, over 65,000 users, 78% of visitors are returning
Average time spent on site: 2 minutes 12 seconds
Top ten countries visiting the GTMA web- site: UK, USA, India, China, Germany, Japan, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Italy.
Twitter: Average of 3 million impressions a day to GTMA twitter posts
Tweets hit just under 300,000 accounts
Linkedin: Average of just under 500 impressions per post
Watch this space: New for 2020 and now up and running – Instagram and Pinterest. Numbers will be posted later.
ANALYTICS: GTMA runs an analytic service which informs members within 60 minutes of a company landing on their GTMA on-line profile.
GTMA's Analytics service identifies 85,000 unique hits with over 17,000 companies identified (latest year figures).
Links to the GTMA social media accounts are: ufacturing/
GTMA ranks up social media programme for suppliers
GTMA sees 2020 as a year when it will take forward its digital marketing servic- es to a new level. Newly introduced have been accounts on both Instagram and Pinterest to add to those successfully established on Twitter and LinkedIn.
There is also the GTMA website which is strategically marketed as a “one stop shop” for supply chain requirements for many sectors.
The website has more than 3,400 products and services for buyers, providing technical and up to date information. Profiles on member suppliers include press releases, case studies, company videos and technical papers as well as links to catalogues and brochures.
As part of its unique service, GTMA sends
email 'alerts' within 60 minutes of a compa- ny landing on the GTMA website. It pro- vides the name of the company, company URL and product/service searched.
Wherever possible, verified contact names, job titles and LinkedIn pages which identify other people who work within the company 'are sent' for your sales team to action.
All the online action dovetails into both its annual Supplier Directory (now 426 pages) and this magazine – where every company case study is automatically sent out on social media.
“Our Digital Marketing programme is a great platform to promote the engineering skills and expertise of our suppliers,” says Julia.
GTMA's Twitter page.
“But it really does not stop there: Consider for one moment how we can offer you even more if we could highlight a different prod- uct or service you provide and then post this on Social Media for you each month?”
“Our Social Media programme is a free serv- ice for members to promote their news and events in real time or as they appear in our publications.”

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