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7 Different Processes – In One Mobile Laser Welder

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With its range of optic options, all 7 processes on the data sheet can be covered by one laser system – and that system is mobile!

The ALPHA LASER AL-ROCK 4K mobile robot system is the ultimate in surface metal hardening or welding with wire or powder.

With all components from the laser cooler to the robot controller integrated into the robot chassis, the system is truly mobile. There’s no need to transport the control cabinet or any other large accessories.

The HMI with AL-APP is also integrated but allows for removal or alternative placement if required.

Drive to work

Wherever you are, on site at a customer’s premises or moving from location to location in a production hall, you can drive the laser directly to the workpiece.

The self-propelled caterpillar track means the transport of the workpiece is unnecessary, saving the risk of damage. Removal of components is time consuming so time saving is another advantage.

All that the AL-ROCK requires is for the laser beam to have free access to the processing area. Once in situ, the system is ready for use within 5 minutes.

Al Rock Mobile laser head
Al Rock Mobile Laser Head S

Hardening made easy

Using free 3D movements, the laser beam precisely follows the contours of the workpiece. This makes it easy to harden closing edges, grain structures, dimples or individual parts.

Temperature control of the laser power allows heat to be precisely applied to the process area to achieve maximum hardness. With this accuracy, the surrounding areas of the component endure little or zero thermal stress.

Reliability guaranteed

During hardening, the process is documented for quality control to ensure that reliability and reproducibility are guaranteed.

  • The exchange of optics takes minutes and the AL-ROCK is then ready to weld.
  • The system can carry out powder and wire deposition welding.
  • The powder conveyor or automatic wire feed is also integrated.

In addition to the ALPHA LASER optics, other optics include a LMD version with integrated powder feeder and a rotary tilting table with a 1000 Kg payload.

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