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80th Anniversary marks a new chapter for the Association

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This year marks the GTMA’s 80th Anniversary and provides an opportunity for a new and exciting chapter as the current chief executive Officer, Julia Moore, hands over the reins to her successor, Dr Alan Arthur on the 1st July 2022.

Julia Moore

“I have been CEO of the GTMA for almost 25 years and I am looking forward to handing over to Alan, who joined the GTMA in January 2020 as chief technical officer and brings with him a working knowledge of trade associations and a strong background in engineering which will be a great asset to the GTMA,” stated Julia.

Initially, upon joining the GTMA all those years ago, Julia was tasked with delivering six EU funded research and development projects for the tooling industry. While the business world may have changed, the contacts and relationships forged across the world remain between the Association and its global partners.

Alan Arthur, New CEO at GTMA

Change is, as we all know, a constant. Technological change has played an important part in the Association’s development programme throughout the years, and continues today with additive manufacture, composite tooling, continuous fibre injection process and incremental sheet forming. There was a change of address in 2008, when the Association relocated from Buckinghamshire to the West Midlands.

“This move has been instrumental in raising the profile of the Association and strengthened our connection with the manufacturing supply chain throughout the UK,” added Julia.

With technology moving forward into the ‘digital marketing age’ this was an opportunity the GTMA embraced.

“This has gone from strength to strength through the resilience of David Beattie,” said Julia. “He is the driving force behind the ongoing development of the GTMA website, as well as setting up GTMA events, which has culminated in June this year with our fourth Manufacturing Solutions Ireland event – our largest show with over 150 exhibitors.

“Roger Onions, a past president of the GTMA, has been leading the technical and supply chain strategy in the GTMA for over 12 years. Our success has been in supporting manufacturers sourcing suppliers in the UK. His broad knowledge in engineering and key industry decision makers has unquestionably provided GTMA with a unique opportunity to forge links with industry.

“Andrea Jerromes joined us seven years ago in Alcester and has been a marvellous contributor to our small team. To make everything work together, she brings exceptional administrative and organisational skills and continues to provide the cohesive support for us all to punch above our weight.”

More recently, Juliette Hollis joined the GTMA team and delivers a talented social media programme including videos and assists member companies to see the benefits of a social media platform that the GTMA offers.

“Karen Beattie also tirelessly delivers another ‘jewel’, our analytics service for the members, driven through the success of the GTMA’s website,” stated Julia. “The extensive list of testimonials we receive is rewarding and inspiring to us all.”

In 2017, the GTMA gained ISO 9001 certification, and this has certainly contributed to the team continuing to operate during the pandemic. With procedures in place, everyone remained connected to cope with the two years of the Covid shutdown. With communication technology available the small team was able to quickly adopt the new way of working, and soon regular online meetings were held with the members and remarkably over 30 new members were recruited through these online resources.

“Our achievements show what a really great team can do,” concluded Julia. “So, it is with enormous pride that I leave the GTMA, taking many fond memories of a wonderful career gathered over the past 25 years at the Association; and say a fond farewell to the terrific team and directors at the GTMA, the members of the GTMA who are the people we are working for, and the many colleagues I have met and worked with over the years, all of whom have played such a significant part in my time with the GTMA. My good wishes to you all.”

The whole team at GTMA would like to wish Julia the very best of luck, and to welcome Alan Arthur as the new CEO.

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