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A Shadowgraph Ideal for Large Components

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If your measuring requirements determine the use of a large screen, vertical axis projector then look no further than the Starrett VF600.

A design based upon 35 years of knowledge in the manufacture of high performing optical projectors, the VF600 has a market leading specification. The VF600 is ideal for the larger components found in the electronics, pressings, and extrusion industries. With helix facility, single or multiple lens turret, choice of work stages and large range of digital readout options the VF600 is the ultimate in vertical axis profile projectors.

The latest version of the VF600 is a high-quality projector with advanced fibre optic surface illumination and 150-watt profile illumination.

The instrument is equipped with the M2PC touch screen control for easy set up of measuring programs. It is equipped with a fully useable 600 mm diameter screen which is angled at 300 for optimum viewing and ease of use for tracing and overlay work.

The Workstage has a 30kg capacity with a 400mm x 225mm top plate and 200 x 100mm measuring travel, these are fitted with a fast traverse quick release mechanism on the X and Y axis. Available with a choice of manual, motorised or CNC control and fitted with a single lens mount or 3-lens quick change using a silo system for maximum lens protection. It is also supplied with a full canopy and curtains.

The instrument is exceptionally stable with an all-metal construction for optimum performance and accuracy. The Instrument is fully supported and calibrated to UKAS standards by Optimax Imaging and Inspection.

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