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Alicona Release 5th Generation Optical micro-co-ordinate and surface finish measurement system

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The System:Alicona_InfiniteFocus G5 (2)

The fastest optical form- and roughness measurement system in its class

The G5 is a highly accurate, extremely fast and highly flexible optical 3D measurement system. Users benefit from a 3D micro coordinate measurement machine and surface finish measurement device in one system. The range of measurable materials with the enhanced LED ringlight is almost unlimited and users achieve high resolution and traceable measurements with high levels of repeatability.


The Benefits

Easy to use, flexible and efficiently automated

Optical measurements provided by InfiniteFocus are produced quickly and intuitively via the GUI. All surface features and finish are measured using only one multi-functional measurement sensor and

the intuitive user interface allows measurement parameters to be set automatically. This allows multiple users in different groups or departments with different materials to use the system with ease and confidence.


The instrument is almost maintenance-free, easy to install and does not require controlled environments to operate.


The applications

Micro and precision component, microstructured surfaces and cutting tools

InfiniteFocus can be used in many industries to measure features and finish in the microstructed surface market such as molds or additive manufactured products. In the cutting tool market InfiniteFocus is already a worldwide standard for the measurement of cutting edges, full form and roughness measurement of drills, inserts millers etc.

With InfiniteFocus used in both material and process optimization manufacturers optimize quality providing a fast return on investment. This is already proven in micro manufacturing, automotive, medical device development, injection molding, aerospace and the electronics and forensics industries.



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