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Aluminium Clevis Forks Provide Lightweight, Durable Linkage

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Leeds manufacturer and supplier of standard parts and components, WDS Components Ltd, has released a range of aluminium clevis forks. The fork attachments create a strong linkage for applications that need a lightweight design. The black anodised forks are easily installed to any rod connection and are available in diameters ranging between M4 and M12. The new aluminium range extends WDS’ existing line of heavy-duty steel clevis forks.

The new aluminium clevis forks have been launched following demand from WDS customers for a more lightweight version of the brand’s existing heavy-duty range. The aluminium design makes the clevis forks suitable linkages for aviation and automotive applications, and the aluminium construction also saves significant weight for OEM machine builds. Significant weight saving can be made, especially when larger thread sizes, such as M12 diameters, are required. The lightweight linkage is also ideal to optimise go-cart design and build, as well as other hobbyist applications.

To install the clevis fork linkage, the fork head attachment is quickly screwed onto a connecting rod, with available thread diameters including M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, and M12. When a connecting clevis pin is inserted, the forks are easily and firmly secured by a choice of e-clip, as well as a c-clip, also known as a circlip, or for additional reinforcement, a safety spring clip.

The forks’ anodised coating adds protection against corrosion, and the black finish is ideal for installation in optically sensitive environments. This enables the new clevis forks to blend in with engine bays and machines, and the linkages are also ideal for installation in theatre sets where the black coating obscures them from audience view.

Full specification of WDS’ aluminium clevis forks range (part number WDS 451) is available on, including free to download CAD files in a range of formats. The new aluminium clevis forks also feature on WDS’ Stock Guarantee programme for order quantities ranging up to 500-plus units, according to details on the WDS website. Stock Guarantee means that 10% discount is applied to a subsequent order for any outstanding volume that cannot be provided with the initial request.

WDS’ new aluminium range of clevis forks adds to the component manufacturer’s existing steel models that extend durability for heavier duty applications. WDS’ steel clevis fork components are available as individual items as well as complete kits, comprising the fork, the connecting clevis pin, as well as the fixing to secure the joint.

The steel range includes robust zinc-plated designs, as well as stainless steel models, ideal for use in corrosive environments such as hygienic applications, as well as areas of saline concentration, including maritime uses. To secure the steel clevis forks, a range of fasteners are available, including cotter pins, spring clips, and e-clips.

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