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Automated CMM for use in Production

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OptivuDextera is a fully automated shop floor tactile CMM combined with a collaborative robot compact which will allow automated measurement even in an uncontrolled environment. The system offers large capacity on a small footprint making it ideal to integrate into production providing accurate, repeatable, fully automated, and fast metrology.

The system is based on the Deltron from Vision Engineering and is designed to be robust and accurate with minimal maintenance. The Cobot works in harmony to automatically load the components onto the  Deltron for measurement. It has a large capacity up to 520mm in diameter, with a 200kg stage capacity, it is housed within a tiny footprint of less than 750mm x 750mm.

The system is user-friendly, simple to set up and manage, it is suitable for both the workshop and inspection room environments. The CMM has full thermal compensation avoiding the requirement of a temperature-controlled environment, it is accurate and provides rapid measurement output with high 750mm/sec² acceleration and 0.1μm scale resolution. The cobot bearings are fully sealed for dirt immunity, there is no compressed air requirement.  

The Optivu flexible automation software provides definition of measurement positions, fully automated measurement, subsequent measurement report including OK or NOK status and provides a 10% faster-working speed on average ensuring an excellent ROI

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