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Automated Works Order Processing With PSL Datatrack

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In today’s fast-paced subcontract precision engineering environment, efficient works order processing is essential to meet customer demands and keep operations running smoothly. PSL Datatrack, a powerful production control software solution, offers a streamlined approach to works order processing that saves time and optimises the production work flow.

A works order, in essence, is the heart of manufacturing operations. It not only serves as a sales order but also encompasses various commercial aspects of an order, including making items for stock or selling from existing stock. PSL Datatrack simplifies this critical process, allowing users to raise works orders in a matter of seconds.

Recurring customer orders require huge administration effort in certain systems but PSL Datatrack makes it a breeze. An example in the video below talks the user through processing an annual order example in the system.

The first order is raised and the customer’s purchase order number and due date confirmed. The user can then create 11 replications of the order in a matter of seconds and these newly created works orders are immediately integrated into the order book. This streamlined process ensures efficient management of repeat orders with minimal effort.

In subcontract precision engineering it is common to handle mixed batches of orders, each with different parts, batch sizes and specifications. A second example in the video below demonstrates generating a mixed batch of orders in an instant.

By simply opening the Works Order Generator, selecting the appropriate customer and enquiry reference then confirming the specific quotations that have been ordered, the user can simulate to check the orders are correct before generating them immediately. The order acknowledgement document can then be previewed and printed or emailed directly from PSL Datatrack. This efficient method enables users to handle a variety of orders quickly and accurately.

One of the many advantages of the Works Orders module is its integration with process layouts (job cards). Since works orders are based on quotations, all of the necessary details for job cards are readily available, including information on materials and purchasing requirements. This integration kick-starts the job and provides a clear roadmap for the entire sales and purchase order processing cycles.

When dealing with a range of different parts under a common customer’s purchase order number, it is essential to link these jobs effectively. PSL Datatrack accomplishes this by assigning a generation number with a decimal counter, creating a clear sequence for works orders. Users can easily see how the orders are related, whether it is part one, part two, part three and so on.

In a previous blog article, we discussed more efficient quoting with PSL Datatrack. A future blog article will delve into simplified scheduling, the next step in optimising manufacturing operations.

To conclude, PSL Datatrack’s automated works order processing capabilities streamline the entire production process, saving time and reducing the risk of human error. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, it empowers subcontract precision engineers to efficiently manage orders of all types, ensuring customer satisfaction and overall operational excellence.

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