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Beyond Diamonds: The Kemet Mirror Polishing Process

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Kemet is a renowned name in the diamond lapping and polishing industry, but there are certain applications where diamond alone cannot provide the required results. In such scenarios, Kemet’s COL-K products have proved to be a game-changer in the polishing of medical and injection mould inserts, reducing polishing costs by over 60%.

The COL-K range offers a repeatable mirror polish in as little as two stages – pre-polishing with diamond and a final polishing process with COL-K. When used in combination with the recommended Kemet composite in the pre-polishing stage, it’s possible to generate a sharper edge on polished components with far less “roll-off” as compared to a standard diamond/polishing pad process. This is particularly important for small polished components where flatness is critical along with a blemish-free finish.

The KemCol 15 Chemical Mechanical Polishing Machine, developed by Kemet, complements its range of non-diamond super-finishing media. The KemCol 15 is based on the popular bench-top Kemet 15, but it incorporates stainless steel elements in place of painted components for longer life and contamination-free polishing. The machine is equipped with a fully programmable peristaltic pump system and either ceramic-faced or aluminium conditioning rings.

Kemet offers process trials to establish and recommend the most cost-effective and repeatable solution for any application. Their expertise covers not only flat requirements but also spherical and cylindrical surface finishing challenges.

The use of COL-K and KemCol 15 has transformed the polishing of medical and injection mould inserts by providing a solution that is both cost-effective and repeatable. The combination of diamond and COL-K allows for a sharper edge on polished components, which is especially important for small components. Additionally, the KemCol 15 machine provides longer life and contamination-free polishing, which ensures a high-quality finish.

If you are looking for a polishing solution that is beyond the capabilities of diamond alone, Kemet’s COL-K products and KemCol 15 machine offer a range of cost-effective and repeatable solutions for various applications. With their expertise in surface finishing challenges, Kemet can help recommend the most suitable solution for your specific needs.

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