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Bringing high-performance F1 technology to superyacht Tender

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Leading advanced engineering company Dash has worked with Falcon Tenders to develop and produce a one-off carbon fibre roof.

With its engineering design and composites expertise, Dash delivered a completed product that was 75 per cent lighter than the required target. This was achieved with the utilisation of a new high-performance composite foam, ROHACRYL®, which has been developed specifically for the marine sector by EVONIK, a leading supplier of high-performance foams to Formula 1 and aerospace.

Falcon Tenders is a world-leading builder of bespoke superyacht tenders, crafting limousines and launches for discerning customers around the world. Inspired by a history of powerboat racing, many of its vessels embrace high-performance design and engineering. In a recent project, they encountered a unique set of design and manufacturing challenges that led them to long-term collaborator, Dash.

Performance design & production

Dash was provided with a design ‘A surface’ and some basic load requirements. The primary challenge was to safely integrate and support the 120 kilograms of glass that would provide occupants with panoramic views. Equally, the bespoke and coachbuilt nature of Falcon’s projects meant that the finish and function would need to be exceptional. An accelerated timescale drew upon Dash’s extensive motorsport expertise in delivering high-performance and cost-effective solutions.

Dash successfully delivered the complete solution in just six weeks, covering in-house engineering design, simulation, tooling, and production. This included a detailed design of the laminate and carbon fibre layup, maximising stiffness and strength while minimising weight.

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