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Cadspec become Autodesk CAM Certified, validating their expertise within the manufacturing industry

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CAM certified autodeskWe are excited to announce Cadspec are now certified as an Autodesk CAM partner. Throughout the past few months, our team have been working hard to demonstrate to Autodesk our knowledge and capability to work within the manufacturing sector in order to secure our place as one of the leading providers of Autodesk CAM software.

But what does this mean for our customers? Below we’ve outlined the additional products and expertise we can now offer as Autodesk certified CAM partners…

What is the Autodesk CAM Certification?

The Autodesk CAM certification validates our team’s knowledge and expertise to ensure we are capable of delivering the highest level of service when it comes to Autodesk CAM products. To secure this specialisation, the Cadspec team demonstrated their expertise in real life manufacturing scenarios to the Autodesk Certification Board. From both a technical and a commercial perspective, we had to complete detailed examinations and presentations in regards to the Advanced Manufacturing Industry, CAD/CAM workflows and ROI calculations to demonstrate our ability to provide the best manufacturing solutions.

What services can we now offer?

Through our detailed and open approach to initial communications and in-depth discovery sessions, Cadspec can ensure our Advanced Manufacturing team are able to identify areas for improvement and empower the customer to maximise their efficiency and quality of machined parts. Our skills now cover all aspects of the Autodesk CAM portfolio in which our team are trained to work with customers from initial consultation, through to recommendation and sale of the CAM software most suited to your application, advanced consultancy services, training and post processing services.

What’s in the CAM range?


Powermill 5-axis CAM software provides expert CNC programming strategies for complex 3- and 5- axis subtractive, high-rate additive, and hybrid manufacturing.


FeatureCAM CNC programming software automates your workflow from design to NC code. Reduce programming time and increase consistency for a range of CNC applications.


PowerShape manufacturing CAD software combines surface, solid and mesh modelling to help engineers prepare moulds, dies and other complex parts for additive, subtractive or hybrid manufacture.


PowerInspect 3D measurement software offers a powerful way to inspect, validate, and manage quality control for all measurement equipment. Get measurement and metrology tools for manufacturing.


HSM software, part of the Autodesk Manufacturing Solutions, is a CAM add-on bundle which integrates into Inventor and SOLIDWORKS, the two most widely used design packages

To find out more about our CAM offerings, visit the CAM section of our website or alternatively, give us a call on 01905 458000 and we’ll we happy to help.

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