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Case Study – Precision Laser Etching for Davis Derby’s SafeCOM ATEX Transponder

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Client: Davis Derby
Industry: Safety and Compliance Technology
Project: Laser Etching for SafeCOM ATEX Transponder Case Cover

About Davis Derby

Davis Derby is a specialist business with a reputation for robust technology, data capture, analysis and reporting that assists companies in the extraction and materials handling sectors to improve the safety, compliance and performance of their operations.

Their Technology:

Davis Derby’s Wrist Tag Transponder is part of their Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and personnel tracking system for use in Group II hazardous areas. The system aids managers to control and monitor the movement of people and equipment operating in hazardous environments such as offshore oil/gas rigs and onshore facilities.

The Job:

Davis Derby appointed Fimark to laser etch key information onto the case cover of their Wrist Tag Transponder. The information required on the case cover included the model number, serial number, CE number and the ATEX code—a critical alphanumeric string that denotes the certification achieved by the product and the environments and conditions it is suitable for. This information needed to be highly legible and fit into a compact space.

Benefits Of Laser Etching:

  • Durability: The laser etchings are highly resistant to wear and environmental conditions, ensuring long-term readability and compliance.
  • Precision: Our laser technology allows for precise and clear etchings, crucial for the detailed information required on the transponder case covers.
  • Efficiency: Our laser etching machines are very fast resulting in a quick turnaround time for our client. This efficiency is vital for meeting tight production schedules and ensuring timely delivery.

Davis Derby Testimonial:

Why do we use Fimark?

“Fimark have been a reliable supplier for Davis Derby for 18 years. Quality is key for our certified products and 18 years without any defects speaks volumes for the quality of Fimark’s workmanship.”

At Fimark, we are proud to support innovative companies like Davis Derby in their mission to protect people and optimise operations in hazardous environments. For more information about our laser etching services and how we can assist your business, please contact our team today

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