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CERATIZIT – The 2021 catalogue – A comprehensive range of solutions for machining, from the spindle to the machine table

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With its new main catalogue, the CERATIZIT Group’s Team Cutting Tools provides users with access to a comprehensive tooling portfolio unlike any other on the market. In addition to a range of innovations, there are many optimised and expanded tool families, making it possible to find the right machining solution for every application.

The 2,016 pages of the new main catalogue contain almost 60,000 standard cutting tools available from stock from the Team Cutting Tools portfolio. In addition to more than 8,000 new tools to boost productivity, it is also the first catalogue to feature the complete portfolio of KOMET products. This puts the entire Team Cutting Tools product range well within reach. In combination with the new clamping technology catalogue, machining businesses can now get their hands on anything and everything that they might need, from the machine spindle to the machine table. Of course, all of these products can be ordered directly from the online shop ( Here you can find not only the fastest delivery option for the next working day, but also additional product data and even more machining know-how.

More than just tools – the perfect machining solution

However, the full potential of the 2021 catalogue becomes clear when used in combination with the in-depth industry knowledge and comprehensive application expertise that the Team Cutting Tools specialists who are on hand to assist their customers. As a result, CERATIZIT has the right tools for all conceivable applications and, the perfect machining solution to handle every machining challenge. With outstanding products fundamental to this success, we have highlighted just a small selection here.

WTX-Micro: New micro deep hole twist drill for process-secure drilling of hole depths up to 30xD

Achieving the smallest bore diameter with low tolerances? No chance without extremely precise tools – especially when hole depths exceed 20xD. In developing the new WTX-Micro drills, Team Cutting Tools has successfully produced the ideal solution for deep holes from a diameter of 0.8 mm while maintaining outstanding surface quality. And thanks to the spiral thro’ coolant and Power chamber, it’s not just the price that’s cool! From steel and cast iron materials to heat-resistant materials and their alloys, the WTX-Micro can take on anything! As it also boasts impressively tight tolerances and unconditional process security, it can be used for many different applications in a diverse range of industries.

SilverLine – A good milling tool made even better

The new generation of SilverLine milling cutters boost both productivity and the performance of these multi-purpose milling tools, as well as further improving process security. This is achieved through improvements such as an optimised cutting edge geometry, that provides enhanced chip flow, as well as the latest generation of Dragonskin coating from CERATIZIT. The multilayer coating is characterised by high temperature resistance and enables exceptional service lives to be achieved even with dry machining.

Five-axis vice for demanding applications

The WNT X5G-Z from CERATIZIT is a new, efficient and highly precise clamping system for machining centres. The 5-axis clamping system boasts optimised accessibility from all sides, allowing components to be machined with five and even six axes. Another advantage is that the five-axis vice is very-easy to operate and shortens setup times significantly.

MaxiMill 271 – Top-quality surfaces in machining

Performance, process security and top-quality surfaces are among the strengths of the MaxiMill 271. The extremely soft-cutting action of this tool system can be used with fine and standard pitch holders, for a wide range of applications and effectively reduces wear. The indexable inserts are extremely cost-effective thanks to their eight usable cutting edges. Extending the system size to 12 mm, in particular, achieves even longer tool life and higher chip removal rates through the addition of indexable inserts.

Fullmax solid carbide reamer in new short version

The solid carbide Fullmax reamers have an impressive history with their outstanding performance on a range of materials – even on hardened steels up to HRC 62. The newly developed short version of the universal Fullmax is even more stable allowing for up to 10 percent higher cutting speeds with improved surface quality and dimensional accuracy. This makes it ideal for high-speed machining. Furthermore, the reamer benefits from a long service life and, for short bore depths, is even more attractive in terms of price than the long version.

MicroKom hi.flex digital – Precision, flexibility and reliability in fine boring

The MicroKom hi.flex is in its element in two worlds. The precision adjustment head for precision holes provides an internal coolant supply and can be adjusted manually as usual. However, it achieves a new level of user-friendliness with the SpinTools digital stick, which enables precise digital adjustment of the bore diameter. The possibility of installing MicroKom bridges and serrated bodies alongside boring bars also gives the MicroKom hi.flex an enormous amount of flexibility.

Efficient thread milling with the new SFSE shank thread milling cutter with chamfer facet

The new HPC solid carbide shank thread milling cutters with chamfer facet significantly reduce machining time for thread milling. The 2-in1 tools complete countersinking and thread milling in a single operation. Not only does this reduce tooling costs, but it also relieves the burden on the machine tool’s magazine. A large core cross-section for increased stability, geometrically optimised chip flutes as well as the excellent chip formation and low cutting pressures also contribute to the high process security of the countersinks. This can make all the difference, particularly in the case of more expensive workpieces.

Concentrated machining power – available to order now

The new catalogues will be distributed by the relevant sales representatives from June and become officially valid on 1 July 2021. A copy of the new catalogue will automatically be sent to customers who have already received a catalogue in recent years. Everyone else can request the key to their perfect machining solution via the official order page:

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