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CERATIZIT UK & Ireland Ltd opened the doors to their Technical Centre

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On 12th December 2023 CERATIZIT UK & Ireland Ltd opened the doors to their Technical Centre and welcomed more than 150 guests to CERATIZIT Technology Day 2023.

In a day dedicated to the latest advancements in cutting tool technology, CERATIZIT UK & Ireland Ltd demonstrated the latest machining techniques, displayed highlight products and showcased their technology. As well as numerous machining demonstrations running constantly throughout the day, there were interactive work holding displays and vending machine presentations. With hot food served at breakfast and lunch time, as well as speciality coffees available all day, there was plenty to keep visitors sustained for a day of cutting-edge technology.

The engineers at the Technical Centre; Robert Thornton, Stephen Pennington, Tony Gale and Joshua Goodison were the ones running the live machine demonstrations, showcasing CERATIZIT tooling on the MAZAK Integrex I-250H, XYZ’s 800HD, XYZ’s TC 320 LTY and XYZ’s UMC 5X. Guests were able to see a range of different items being manufactured in materials ranging from aluminium to steel. Working with SolidCAM and Openmind HyperMill, two of CERATIZIT UK and Ireland Ltd.’s partners, live video feeds of the machines were displayed on screens around the workshop, allowing for a more accessible and immersive experience for the guests.

From the start of the day, Stephen, Project Applications Engineer, displayed CERATIZIT’s technology in focus; KOMflex and ToolScope, on XYZ’s UMC 5X machine. Whilst drilling into aluminium, Stephen used ToolScope, a process monitoring control system that can be retrofitted to most CNC machines, to monitor spindle torque and live cutting data, which was then used to optimise things like tool wear and prevention of tool breakages and collisions. Pairing this with KOMflex, an actuated closed loop boring and probing system. He demonstrated how these technologies streamline machining processes and prevent damages which occur thanks to the advanced monitoring they allow with ToolScope, while reducing the risk of scrapping costly components, with KomFlex.

Across the workshop, Rob, Application Sales Engineer, was using the MAZAK to demonstrate trochoidal turning using a RCMT insert. Pairing this with SolidCAM’s performance enhancing iMachining technology, a specialised program method which works off constant average chip thickness rather than a constant feedrate, Rob pushed a range of solid carbide end mills to their maximum limits on both cutting and ramping-in strategies. Also highlighting CERATIZIT solid carbide drilling; including the WTX TB 20xD and the WPC Change Uni, the visitors could see what the tooling was capable of performing under difficult machining conditions whilst manufacturing complex parts.

With the invaluable support of their partners, XYZ Machine Tools Ltd, Yamazaki MAZAK UK Ltd, STAR Micronics GB, SolidCAM UK Ltd, Open Mind, ETL Fluid Experts, Zoller UK and Bott UK, CERATIZIT delivered expertise on all aspects of metal cutting strategies, ranging from performance machining on the latest machine tools, to coolant supply and wear detection cutting tool technology. With CERATIZIT staff from all over the UK having travelled up for this event, there were plenty of friendly faces on hand to answer questions and guide the guests through the day.

Shaun Thornton, Technical Manager for CERATIZIT UK and Ireland Ltd, Managers the Technical Centre where Technology Day was held. He said how ‘We couldn’t be more thrilled with how the day went. There was such an amazing turnout, and we are thankful to everyone who travelled to be with us. The support of our staff and partners meant that guests could easily ask questions and have conversations about the tooling and technology they were seeing, and we appreciate everyone’s effort in ensuring that our guests got the most from the day. A lot of planning, hard work and dedication went into making the day what it was, so it was wonderful seeing all of this come into fruition in such an outstanding day.’

Tony Pennington, Managing Director for CERATIZIT UK and Ireland Ltd added that ‘we must emphasise how appreciated it was to be supported by our partners. Having them there as representatives of their companies was a huge benefit for everyone who visited. The atmosphere through the day was incredible, there was such a feeling of positivity and the guests who joined us absolutely contributed to this as much as the staff did.’

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