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Craftsman Tools anti-vibration boring bar holder is designed to get the most out of your investment

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When you invest in an anti-vibration boring bar you need to ensure that you are achieving optimal performance by using the best possible method to hold it.

Developed in conjunction with major cutting tool and machine tool manufacturers, the Craftsman Tools anti-vibration boring bar holder is designed to get the most out of your investment. It clamps the full circumference of the boring bar, rather than gripping on flats. This allows a better surface finish than standard boring bar holders, and enables machining at higher feed and speed rates.

Benefits Include

  • Compatibility with both Silent Tools® and Steadyline™ anti-vibration boring bars
  • Excellent vibration absorption properties
  • 4x bar diameter clamping length and full radial clamping increases tool rigidity and improves cutting performance
  • Ideal for high force/load applications
  • Suitable for boring up to 14x the bar diameter in depth (with 18x diameter length bars)
  • Range available for all of the major Machine Tool Manufacturers, including Mazak, Doosan, DMG Mori and Okuma
  • Available with through-tool coolant feed via removable backplate
  • Coated bore and the inclusion of jacking screws (hinge type only) make it easier to interchange both tools and reduction sleeves
  • Craftsman Tools reduction sleeves allow the holder to grip round tools and bars with smaller diameters
  • Many holders offer larger bore sizes than the standard holders



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