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CyTec NC Tables

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Expand three‐axis CNC machining centres to four or five‐axis systems, with direct‐drive, high‐speed, top-mounted tables from CYTEC; and start into a new dimension of productivity.

With one or two-axis NC top-mounted rotary tables from CYTEC, you can enhance your machining centre’s capabilities and expand your range of services. Retrofitting with horizontal, vertical, or rotary swivel tables enables you to explore new business opportunities in machining production, including tool, mold, and machine construction.

CYTEC’s energy-efficient torque motors, designed specifically for NC rotary tables with an external rotor design, provide exceptional positioning accuracy, high torque, and maximum acceleration, all while maintaining thermal stability. These modern motors are built with advanced bearing technology, making them durable and virtually maintenance-free.

CYTEC rotary tables are robust and highly resilient, available in various diameters up to 2,000mm to suit a wide range of applications. They are ideal for use as rotary tables, milling tables, or grinding tables. Additionally, rotary feedthroughs for air or oil lines allow seamless integration into automation systems and the use of various clamping devices.

The rotary tables feature precise T-slots and large through-holes, offering versatile clamping options. They can also be equipped with the innovative CyTab zero-point clamping system, allowing for quick changeovers of pallets, fixtures, and exchangeable plates.

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