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Deburring tools – Kemet offer reduced cost of deburring and surface polishing processes

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Market leaders in precision surface finishing technology, Kemet International have been supplying Xebec ceramic abrasive stones for many years within their Precision Engineering Tooling Division.

Kemet is excited to introduce the cutting-edge deburring polishing brushes from Xebec, used for polishing non-ferrous and ferrous materials, effectively removing cutter marks, and improving surface finish on top surfaces, inner diameters (hole deburring), sides and channels.

Xebec Technology’s ceramic fibre products utilise a unique, patented process to produce brushes, sticks and stones that greatly excel contemporary deburring processes.

Unlike brass wire, steel wire and abrasive-impregnated nylon brush filaments, the unique design of the Xebec fibre rod allows it to maintain its shape with no deformation even after repeated use.   This leads to consistent performance time after time, achieving a beautiful, finely finished surface without tool marks or residues.

One Xebec ceramic bristle consists of 500 – 1000 ceramic fibres that work as cutting edges, the cutting fibre being the world’s only brush made of complete ceramic fibre.  This unique material allows for higher grinding power, consistent performance and superior surface finish, the fibres being formed into bristles for brushes or bound into stones.   The self-sharpening tips offer vastly superior grinding capability, while end-to-end solid abrasive rod material assures consistent performance.

The Xebec ceramic fibre offers unsurpassed grinding power, consistent cutting performance and zero deformation and these three features enable a quantum step forward in CNC deburring and polishing.

Across a wide number of sectors, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Medical, and Production manufacturing, introducing Xebec deburring tools into the fabrication process can significantly increase productivity, decrease cycle times, and offer repeatable dimensional component accuracy.

Kemet has a team of technical experts throughout the U.K. to help with your manufacturing headaches and advise the most efficient, cost-saving solutions for your production.

To make positive improvements to deburring and polishing with Xebec ceramic technology contact Kemet.

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