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E-Series Video Borescopes-transition from Fibre Solutions

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Gradient Lens E-Series Video Borescope features diameters of 2.0 and 2.8mm. The new small diameters allow our customers to transition from fibre-based solutions to modern-day video technology.

The E-Series Video Borescopes offer 4-way joystick articulation, image and video capture, and 4 hour battery life combined with a compact and durable design. The E-Series design allows the end-user to easily remove the insertion tube, eliminating repair downtime.

Expanding on the popular Hawkeye V2 and V3, which were launched in 2012, the new E-Series incorporates significant technological advancements and fills out the offering of video borescopes offered by Gradient Lens Corporation.

The E-Series easily displays and captures crystal clear video and still images, and does so using a sleek, and compact design. The E-Series is a valuable tool for our customers needing to inspect small parts who couldn’t use video borescopes previously.

The fully portable E-Series provides fast, accurate diagnostics, in mission-critical situations, without the need for costly, time-consuming maintenance teardowns.

Hawkeye borescopes are sold in the UK by Optimax and are the master distributor throughout Europe.

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