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Elesa expands into new territory within the automation sector

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ELESA vacuum components (vacuum suction cups, vacuum cup holders, and related accessories) represent the ideal solution for automatically and safely handling parts with different shapes, sizes, and surfaces (e.g. metal, glass, plastic, ceramic).

The function of these components is based on the presence of a vacuum generator that, by creating a depression inside the vacuum suction cup, allows it to adhere to the surface of the part to be moved. The load grip is maintained as long as there is vacuum in the system.

Thanks to their versatility, Elesa vacuum suction cups with dimensions ranging from 4 mm to 125 mm, in the classic cup, flat, elliptical, bellows, or multi-bellows shapes, can be used for multiple applications and sectors such as food packaging, in particular in flow pack packaging using plastic films, the electronics sector, the paper converting sector for labels and sheets of paper or cardboard, the automotive sector for handling metal parts or glass windshields, the medical/pharmaceutical sector or for different objects such as ceramic or clay tiles, marble or glass slabs, items made from concrete, wood, and plastic components.

The vacuum suction cups, available in different compounds (oil-proof rubber, silicone, natural or para-natural rubber) are compatible with all products, even those with irregular, rough surfaces or in the presence of oil or liquids.

The presence of grooves and the contoured shape of the vacuum suction cup support surface ensures a strong grip with the load surface, in particular on oiled sheets, glass or marble sheets, facilitating the drainage of any liquids.

The vacuum cup holders allow the vacuum suction cups to be fixed to the automation device gripper and are made up of:

  • a brass or stainless steel threaded stem,
  • a spring (external or built-in) to cushion the impact of the vacuum suction cup and at the same time maintain a constant pressure with the load to be lifted,
  • a quick fitting for connection to the suction hose.

They are available in different configurations, sizes (also mini and micro) and different materials, allowing them to be used in all industrial sectors.

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