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Energy News – Late February 2024

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H2H Saltend has been granted planning permission by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, strengthening its case in forthcoming Government competitions.

Equinor’s H2H Saltend is a 600-megawatt low-carbon hydrogen production plant with carbon capture, one of the first of its kind and scale to be granted planning permission in the UK, helping to establish the Humber as an international hub for low carbon hydrogen whilst significantly reducing carbon emissions. The decision comes as the project prepares for a potential application into the Government’s forthcoming cluster sequencing track-1 expansion, which is expected to launch this year and will select decarbonisation projects in both the Humber and Teesside that can connect to the East Coast Cluster’s carbon capture transport and storage infrastructure by around 2030

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Up to 5,300 new jobs and up to £1.4bn could be generated for the UK economy by galvanising the supply chain and infrastructure opportunities arising from the development of new floating wind farms off the coast of the South West.

The independent study, The Celtic Sea Blueprint, conducted by Lumen Energy & Environment, looked at the minimum requirements needed to deliver the first three projects outlined by The Crown Estate in December.

It also examined the gaps, such as ports deep enough for handling the giant turbines, vessels to service the sites, and export cables to transport electricity to land.

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