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Erodex launches the UK’s fastest EDM speed wire GAPSTAR One

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Erodex UK, market leaders in the provision of EDM wire, wear parts and other EDM consumables, have launched the fastest EDM speed wire available in the UK, gapstar ONE.

Working in partnership with bedra (Berkenhoff) Germany, the revolutionary wire will enable users to achieve unprecedented cutting performance across a broad range of applications, as well as uncompromising precision and surface quality.

Berkenhoff have built on the pioneering technologies of their previous high performance wire generations such as cobracut®, topas® and boline, to develop a new electrode and coating technology in TRIMPAC, featuring a zinc-enhanced coating.

“We are extremely excited about this new wire and how it can benefit the UK market. As well as dramatically increasing speeds by 40% – 60% compared to standard brass wire and typically 10% + compared to our Boline H product, users will also see a significant increase in feed rates. This increase is achieved in both in rough and skim cuts, without necessarily adjusting current settings. A further benefit is the reduced wear of wire guides and power contacts, reducing downtime and ultimately cost. Thanks to the newly developed TRIMPAC coating, an accuracy to Ra of 0.25 microns can be expected, as well as increased stiffness and excellent straightness for auto threading” comments Brendan Kelly [Technical Sales Engineer] of Erodex UK.

From stock, gapstar ONE will be available in 900N and 500N  tensile strength, is compatible with all brands of machines and is available in most spool sizes. The wire has been received extremely positively in early customer trials.
“As with its predecessors, whilst gapstar ONE is more expensive than brass wire to purchase, dramatically increased wire speeds and its ability to achieve the desired surface finish means more throughput and increased efficiencies. Users can expect savings of up to 40% when compared with the topas® Plus H 2.0 range for example.

“Simply using gapstar ONE will enable these benefits to be realised, but we are also able to work with customers to optimise their machine settings and generate even better results for them too” concludes Brendan.

Erodex UK’s strong working relationship with bedra (Berkenhoff) and vast experience within the EDM industry has cemented the company’s position as the leading authority in the UK for all things EDM wire. If you are interested in learning more about how gapstar ONE can benefit your EDM performance, email

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