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EWIKON “pro EDGE VG” valve gate –new benchmarks for direct side gating

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With “pro EDGE VG”, EWIKON is expanding its range of nozzles for direct side gating with a valve gate version that sets new benchmarks in terms of ease of maintenance, gate quality and flexibility of use.

A key feature of the new nozzle is its ease of maintenance. The high level of user-friendliness already offered by the open versions for side gating has been consistently maintained with the valve gate solution. All wear parts such as the valve pin, valve pin guide and valve pin seal are integrated into one assembly for each gate. This can be changed directly on the injection moulding machine from the parting line without having to dismantle the mould. Downtimes for routine maintenance can therefore be significantly reduced.

For demanding applications, the valve gate technology further improves the quality of the injection point. At the same time, new injection point positioning options are possible. The gating can now also be carried out on geometries on which side gating was previously not possible due to insufficient shear surfaces. In general, an area corresponding to the gate diameter of the valve pin is sufficient. In addition to the processing of standard polyolefins, the new nozzle also enables the reliable side gating of articles made of soft plastics such as TPE for the first time – processing of these materials was previously only possible to a limited extent with open side gating.  

The “pro EDGE VG” valve gate nozzle can be configured with up to eight tip inserts. The flow channel layout within the nozzle, combined with the naturally fully balanced EWIKON manifold technology, guarantees equal flow paths and therefore uniform filling of all cavities. The parts are arranged in a circle around the nozzle body. As the mould inserts do not have to be split for the installation of the nozzle, this results in greater mould stability. At the same time, the integration of a powerful cavity cooling design is facilitated. 

A linear servomotor of the latest generation with advanced control technology ensures high-precision and absolutely synchronous actuation of the valve pins. The valve pin stroke and opening speed can be varied continuously and can be perfectly adapted to the process requirements. Furthermore, the space-saving design of the drive mechanism enables a very low mould height.


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