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Features Of PSL Datatrack Production Control Software – Gauge Calibration

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Gauges are valuable pieces of equipment and must be monitored regularly to ensure that they remain accurate and reliable. Many PSL Datatrack users are therefore utilising the system’s Gauge Calibration module, which is designed to track the calibration and application of all gauges and instruments used throughout production.

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If desired, PSL Datatrack can import gauge records to kickstart implementation of the module. Records can also be easily added and managed using the system’s interface. Gauges can only be deleted if the user logged on has supervisor access to Gauge Calibration, preventing unauthorised deletion of instruments/gauges.

Viewed as a grid split into two, the left-hand side of the transaction specifies whether the gauge is being calibrated, is on loan or is currently in use. The right-hand side is used for booking the instrument back in. Calibration requirements and intervals are defined for each gauge with a complete history of gauge usage and calibration results available.

Both internal and external calibration of gauges is managed by the module. Gauges that fail calibration are automatically withdrawn, preventing use until they have been rectified or replaced.

Instruments on loan from/to a third party can also be tracked. The system can be configured to either allow or prevent instruments from being issued to works orders or loaned to subcontractors if they are overdue for calibration.

If a gauge fails calibration or there are concerns about a gauge, a works non conformance (WNC) can be raised to manage the review and subsequent actions required.

Various other modules can be accessed directly from a gauge calibration record. These are Purchase Orders, Goods Received and Supplier Non Conformance.

The module is supplied with a number of powerful reports, including a Calibration Required list (which details all instruments that need calibrating together with their current status) and Outstanding Purchase Orders, which lists all gauges that are currently being calibrated externally.

Calibration tickets are available to accompany a gauge and purchase order for external calibration, whilst issue tickets print an authorisation for an instrument to be used on a works order.

The PSL Document Management option can be added to Gauge Calibration. This provides a link to a separate folder associated with each instrument record, using the instrument number as the folder name. All files saved in the relevant folder will be listed in Datatrack and can be accessed, using the relevant associated program, by double clicking. This is particularly useful for evidence of calibration results.

A notes tab is also available to store any additional information about the instrument and, as with all PSL Datatrack modules, once added Gauge Calibration will seamlessly integrated with existing modules already in use.

PSL Datatrack takes great pride in helping its customers to achieve or maintain ISO and other accreditations. Aside from measuring instrument validity, others factors such as maintenance of customer and supplier approvals and the method of manufacture can be managed through the other Quality modules. Visit to find out more!

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