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Fimark’s 25-Year Collaboration with Kent Cams

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In the demanding world of performance engine tuning, Fimark proudly celebrates a remarkable 25-year partnership with Kent Cams, a testament to Fimark’s enduring commitment to long term client satisfaction and relationships.

With a rich history spanning five decades, Kent Cams has become a leading force in motorsport engine components, trusted by competitors worldwide.

Fimark are proud that their expertise in laser etching intricate engine components has played a pivotal role in contributing to Kent Cams’ precision-driven success.

Attention to Detail:

Having embarked on this journey over two decades ago, Kent Cams holds a special place in Fimark’s history as their first client. This enduring relationship, standing strong to this day, reflects the mutual dedication to excellence and attention to detail that defines both companies. At Kent Cams, the difference lies in the detail – a philosophy that perfectly aligns with Fimark’s commitment to precision and craftsmanship. This shared ethos forms the cornerstone of their collaborative success.

Laser Etching Expertise:

Fimark’s role in laser etching engine components for Kent Cams showcases the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with time-honoured craftsmanship. This precision-driven approach ensures that each component meets the exacting standards required by the motorsport industry.

Building Long-Term Relationships:

The Fimark team takes immense pride in cultivating enduring relationships with valued clients such as Kent Cams. Beyond delivering exceptional service, it is the understanding, trust, and shared commitment to excellence that form the foundation of these partnerships.

Client Testimonial:

Director of Kent Cams, Tony Woodward shares, “We would just like to thank Fimark for their excellent service and quick turn around when required over the years. Looking forward to the same services in the future.”

Contact Fimark:

As Fimark continues to excel in precision engineering and laser technology, we invite businesses to explore the benefits of our expertise. If you seek a partner dedicated to attention to detail, a track record of long-term collaborations and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction then we would love to speak to you about how we can serve your business.

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