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Fimark’s work for Rhodes Music

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Rhodes Music is on a mission to craft the highest quality musical instruments, and to continue the legacy of their founder, Harold Rhodes. Their vision is to make the joy of playing the electric piano accessible to everyone and to preserve the Rhodes heritage while evolving to meet the needs of new generations.

(Image credit Rhodes Music).

Fimark’s Contribution:

Rhodes Music entrusted Fimark with a pivotal task – painting and laser etching the backlit buttons to be placed behind their keyboard ivories. These buttons play a crucial role in the instrument’s aesthetics and functionality and they need to be just right.


The challenge for Fimark was to achieve the correct thickness of paint for the buttons. Too thin, and there was a risk of light leakage around the laser etched graphic; too thick, and the buttons could stick in their housing. In this situation it was critical for both the appearance and functionality of these optical components that Fimark achieved the correct paint thickness, as well as consistency across batches of components.

Fimark provides an in-house approach encompassing both painting and laser etching. By completing both processes, Fimark are able to achieve a greater level of control over variables that can impact the final result. This ensures a uniform outcome across the entire batch, producing the perfect end product for the client.

This solution driven approach illustrates Fimark’s commitment to deliver not just satisfactory but exceptional solutions for every client. Our team invests time and expertise in navigating the intricacies of achieving the ideal thickness while maintaining a consistent appearance and we continue to enjoy working with Rhodes Music on their backlit buttons.

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