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GOM Offering new technology and improved systems: Industrial 3D metrology in casting processes

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Following the successful global Casting workshop series in 2018, customer feedback has driven GOM to develop new measurement solutions to support casting processes.

With almost 30 years’ experience in metrology and 3D scanning systems we have increasingly grown our knowledge around the casting market. We know the typical casting process issues that occur and have developed the tools to measure and understand these based on extensive customer feedback. GOM have recently developed new measurement solutions to support casting processes. These systems will achieve faster data capture, keeping the automation, mobility and flexibility that customers like and extending capabilities to ensure the right configuration for all applications.


“Our customers advised us to scrap parts as they believed that they didn’t conform. However, once we used the GOM ATOS Compact Scan it identified a set-up issue in the CNC machine and there was in fact adequate machining stock that could still be used. This saved us £1,500 in the first day, we could not be happier.” Mr. Creasey, Director, Creasey Castings.
Here at GOM we aim to continuously improve and grow by offering revolutionary technology with the latest pioneering 3D scanning systems.

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