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Hand wheel and position indicators provide optimum shaft control

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UK component and standard parts manufacturer and supplier WDS Components has updated its range of shaft control components for OEMs and end users. The range now includes a variety of digital position indicators that can be teamed with a selection of handwheel and grip sizes, styles, and materials. The position indicators and handwheels are ideal to enhance accuracy and ease of control for applications for various shaft sizes.

The range of digital position indicators display the number of shaft revolutions with up to five numerical display dials for exacting levels of control accuracy. The internal bore sleeve is positioned onto the shaft and rotates within the display unit, safely but simply fastened to the supporting framework via grubscrew. The various styles enable clockwise and anti-clockwise positioning and have displays for vertical and horizontal reading. Suitable for 14mm and 20mm shaft bores, reducing sleeves are also available for compact diameters. Constructed from durable polyamide, the position indicators are shockproof, making them suitable for use in heavy duty settings, while the drive shaft is chemically blacked mild steel.

To achieve accurate and easy shaft positioning, WDS also supplies a range of hand wheels with many models from the range now including a handgrip as standard. Hand grip options include revolving spindles, enabling ease of operation. For safety, a folding handgrip is also available, pushing flush to the handwheel to avoid catching on hands or clothing. This is important for machines with a permanent drive and removes a protruding hazard. Removeable handwheels are also available, enabling interchangeable use.

Hand wheels come in a three-spoked design, commonly used in marine applications and various industrial settings including food & beverage and pharmaceutical. They are constructed in stainless steel for applications requiring optimum durability, corrosion resistance, and regular washdown. Meanwhile, WDS also provides hand wheels in options including aluminium, pressed steel, glass reinforced polyamide, bakelite, and GRP. For the most heavy duty factory settings, cast iron hand wheels are also available.

The range also comes in various solid centre designs. These styles prevent catching and give an alternative aesthetic look. Solid centre hand wheels are available in aluminium, bakelite, and thermoplastic.

Hand wheel models fit to the shaft with choices including round bore, which is fastened by pin or press-fit secured by washer and screw. Meanwhile, a keywayed shaft gives additional locking and control, useful for higher torque machine applications. Square shafts instead are ideal to easily create a positive drive.

The variations of hand wheels range in diameter from 80mm to 500mm, with shaft bores from 10mm to 34mm. Wheels and grips are available in black or polished metal.

A full specification of the digital position counters, hand wheels, grips, and accessories, are available on The website also features CAD drawings in a variety of formats as well as non-specialist software images. WDS Components’ on-site manufacturing facility and extensive warehouse provides stocking that typically enables same-day despatch.

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