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Hold steady for 5 axis machining with WDS pull down inserts

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WDS Component Parts is famous for its workholding and positioning components solutions; helping manufacturers to quickly and securely position their work pieces for machining processes that require accuracy within microns. The Pull Down Insert is one of the company’s most innovative designs, quickly holding the work piece in position without creating any raised surfaces. Thanks to a reversed internal thread, the clamping pin can retract inside itself to make fixturing a simple task and improve access for the machine cutting tool.
WDS Pull Down Inserts

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The WDS Pull Down Insert is a unique pull back threaded clamping insert that provides reliable clamping without obstruction to the machined surface, making it perfect for up to 5 axis machining , unusual shapes and thin walled components.

Commonly used in the aerospace industry, the inserts are designed so that they may be fitted into the fixture plate in the compressed condition, with the whole of the insert below the clamping and location face. This enables the work piece to be manoeuvred into position over the inserts. A standard hexagon key is engaged with the inner component of the Pull Down Insert creating the clamping force.

Chris Putman, Sales and Marketing Director, comments: “At first glance the insert looks quite simple, but it’s actually a very clever little component. Because it is flush to the fixture plate when compressed, it’s possible to install an insert into a fixing point and leave it there even when it’s not in use. This allows multiple component designs to be quickly fixture, which speeds up component changeover times – which we all know is important to efficient manufacturing.”

The inserts are available in a selection of standard sizes from M12 (M6 clamping screw) to M24 (M12 clamping screw). Because they are machined in-house in Leeds, WDS is able to offer next day delivery on most orders. Prior to placing an order, engineers are invited to download a free 3D CAD drawing of the insert to make sure that they specify the correct components for the job.

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