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Introducing a Revolution in Precise Die Measurement

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We are thrilled to share with you the latest breakthrough in precision die measurement, a technology that has been embraced by leading die makers in the industry. This remarkable innovation opens a world of possibilities, allowing you to scan profiles and GD&T parameters with unprecedented precision, measuring down to the nanometer range, when necessary, all while assessing surface roughness and edge breaks.

Enter the realm of Bruker Alicona‘s cutting-edge system, a technological marvel that promises to reshape your approach to metrology in more ways than one:

Unparalleled Precision: Alicona systems redefine the very concept of accuracy. With their ability to capture comprehensive, high-density surface measurements, you will gain insights that were once considered elusive.
Meet the Digital Twin: Experience a virtual replica of the measurement system. Real-time synchronization between the physical device and its digital counterpart offers an unparalleled ease of programming.
Automation for Efficiency: Picture liberating your Metrology experts from routine tasks. Alicona’s products empower you with full automation, even for the most complex measurement routines.
Seamless 2D to 3D Transition: Bid farewell to discrepancies between 2D drawings and 3D reality. Alicona’s products provide direct integration of 3D information from 2D drawings to CAD files.
Proven Industry Excellence: Trusted by industry leaders such as Fritz Stepper GmbH & Co. KG, TE Connectivity, and HAILTEC GmbH, Alicona’s micro-precision die solution is now available as a standard product, ready to elevate your operations.

We can offer you a brief virtual introduction, designed to minimize your time investment. Please contact our team at 01858 436940 for more information and to learn how this new technology can offer you the same advantages that have already transformed the industry.

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