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A cutting-edge solution that redefines versatility and value in metrology.

What sets the latest HVR-Flip apart is its unique ability to seamlessly transition between vertical and horizontal formats, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Unlocking a realm of possibilities, the HVR 100 allows for swift measurements of single features, entire parts, or multiple components within the expansive range of 90mm x 75mm.

Empowered by the advanced MetLogix™ M3 software, this system ensures effortless one-touch feature measurement and boasts an auto-detect part recognition feature.

Delving into its capabilities, the HVR-Flip comes equipped with DXF Import and export functionalities, empowering users with electronic overlays for rapid part comparisons. The system facilitates graphic-based “Part View” constructions and offers optional software modules for specialized tasks such as profile fitting, wire insulation, and thread measurement.

Key Features:

  • Rapid measurement of parts up to 90mm x 75mm
  • Impressive working distance of 250mm
  • Versatility to measure a single feature, an entire part, or multiple parts
  • Seamless integration with MetLogix™ M3 software for intuitive one-touch feature measurement
  • Auto-detect part recognition for enhanced efficiency
  • DXF Import and export capabilities for quick part comparison
  • Complex profile comparison with discreet data points and CAD integration
  • Graphic-based “Part View” constructions for enhanced visualization
  • Geometric tolerancing for precise measurements
  • Flexible report content and formatting to meet diverse needs
  • Multi-language support for global usability
  • Effortless conversion from a vertical format to a horizontal format measuring system, ensuring adaptability to varying measurement requirements.

Experience the future of metrology with the STARRETT HVR-100-FLIP, where innovation meets precision.

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