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Jenton Group Maps Out Eco-Packaging Future at London Show Stand A68

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Responding to rising demands by consumers for sustainable packaging, Jenton Group will present an extensive range of wrapping, packing and heat sealing machines that can extend shelf life and thereby reduce packaging and food waste on their stand A68 at London Packaging Week 2023.

The company will unveil the latest addition to its Soken brand- a multi-tool MAP heat seal packaging machine, the HS32CF-MAP. Capable of vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging, or a combination of the two, it significantly extends the shelf life of portioned tray-packed foods, including ready-to-eat mixed salads, pre-cut fruits and vegetables, sliced deli meats, raw meats and cheeses.

To help mitigate the environmental impact of product and packaging waste, the Jenton portfolio comprises several highly efficient machines including banding machines, seal testers, bag and pouch sealers and UV disinfection systems.

Engineered to minimise the use or resources and energy consumption, the range also supports cohesive waste management by extending the shelf life of products and preventing wasteful and brand damaging recalls.

Every year the UK wastes 480,000 tonnes of food according to figures from WRAP. Jenton’s UV disinfection and MAP heat sealing solutions can help preserve food freshness and reduce food waste.

Jenton managing director Richard Little says: “The overarching theme today is and will continue to be sustainability. Whether that’s switching to recyclable and plastic-free packaging materials, or extending the longevity of fresh foods, and consequently reducing manufacturing waste, Jenton is continually engineering machines and sourcing new materials that will give consumers what they want. 

On the packaging front, machine sealed paper bags available on Pronova and Emplex machines sold by Jenton, contain 95% paper and five percent LDPE. Protecting against moisture and making these bags more durable than paper alone. Additionally, Jenton supplies its customers with several other sustainable packaging materials. Including the award-winning plastic-free stand up Earthpouch. Paper-based with a 100% plastic-free heat-sealable coating, this product pouch, used for cereals, pet treats, snack foods and more, is fully recyclable and suitable for re-pulping. In sandwich packing, there’s a noticeable shift towards Kraft card and plant-based films.

Banding will also feature strongly on the Jenton stand. As the first UK company to sell a banding machine to a UK customer in 1980, Richard says that banding is making a major comeback: “As preference for sustainable packing grows, our customers are constantly seeking ways to minimise primary packaging, reduce the use of shrink wrap, replace rubber bands and keep packs stable during shipping. Banding does all this and more.”

The Jenton team will be on-hand to answer all your packaging questions at London Packaging Week 2023. Visit Stand A68.

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