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KMR Large Field of View Series Video Inspection Microscopes

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The KMR Large Field of View Series Video Inspection Microscopes represent the latest advancements in video inspection systems, providing versatile and cost-effective solutions tailored for shop floor use in manufacturing environments. These systems are user-friendly, facilitating quick deployment and training for new operators.

With six models available, the KMR series ensures there is an option for various applications, and customization is possible to meet specific user needs. In its measurement configuration, the KMR offers a remarkable field of view up to 9mm using a 6.5:1 zoom lens. Additionally, three other models utilize a telecentric lens with options of 0.3x, 0.5x, and 1x, offering a field of view ranging from 7mm to 19mm and a screen magnification from 13x to 45x.

The flagship model in this series, the KMR 200 – Stage Motion, features a 200 x 100mm XY stage. Particularly suitable for tasks such as receiving inspection, quality assurance, training, manufacturing assembly, research, and documentation, this video system allows easy setup and operation.

The KMR-200-M3 variant, with its X and Y travel option for stage movement, is well-suited for applications requiring precise measurements. M3 models provide advanced features such as Field-Of-View measurement, powerful image processing, and DXF imports, enabling direct comparison to the workpiece for accurate and repeatable measurements.

Each system comes complete with a current version Windows-based PC, M3 software, and a touch screen monitor, simplifying tasks like Geometric Constructs of Image Annotation, Image Archiving, and Video Edge Detection.

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