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MAHR Motorised Height Measuring Instruments

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Whether a component completely fulfils its function and continuously delivers the required performance is dependent on high-precision manufacturing. Height measuring devices from Mahr enable you to measure lengths, distances, diameters, and the perpendicularity of components to the exact micrometre.

The latest range of the height measuring device, the Digimar 817 CLT you can measure components in no time at all. A pivotable touch display ensures that the Digimar 817 CLT is as easy to operate as a tablet. Large buttons, clearly structured menus, and self-explanatory icons ensure tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently while also reducing the number of mistakes.

Function keys on the side and a thumbwheel make it easy to position the measuring slide and start the measurement. Handles on both sides and the integrated air bearing guarantee that you can accurately and easily move your device on the measuring plate. The new height measuring device is available in three measuring ranges: 350, 600 and 1,000 mm.

High resolution down to 0.0001mm with an error limit of only (1.8 + L/600), L in mm makes this an ideal tool for most measurement applications.

MAHR height gauges are supplied and supported in the UK by Optimax Imaging and Inspection

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