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Mazak launches new heavy duty VTC 800 machine

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Yamazaki Mazak has developed a new heavy duty version of its UK-built VTC 800 series of vertical travelling column machining centres.


The new VTC 800/30HD, which stands for ‘heavy duty’, is a 50 taper variant that provides an ideal platform for cutting hard-to-machine materials, such as Inconel and titanium, which can cause spindle vibration during the cutting process.

In order to deliver outstanding metal removal rates and counteract the potential for vibration, the new VTC 800/30HD variant incorporates a new highly rigid column and carrier structure designed to enable the machine to deliver all of its power with no vibration or loss of accuracy. The high performance machine structure has been designed to provide class-leading static and dynamic stiffness, enabling the HD to deliver the higher levels of spindle torque and power demanded by 50 taper performance in industry sectors such as subcontract, aerospace, marine, heavy equipment and power generation.


The Mazak designed and manufactured 10,000rpm spindle delivers continuous power of 22kW and a short time torque of 302Nm. In production, the machine will deliver a rapid feed rate of 50m/min in the X-,Y- and Z-axes; 0.5G of acceleration and a 5.7 second chip-to-chip time. 36 tools are provided as standard.


Richard Smith, Managing Director UK & Ireland Sales Division for Yamazaki Mazak, commented: “The VTC 800 series has been one of our most successful machines in recent years. However, almost from the time of the launch of the original VTC series machines, our customers were asking for a heavy duty version capable of cutting more demanding materials.


“The new VTC 800/30HD has undergone extensive development to produce a structure capable of delivering the torque and power of a true 50 taper machine. The highly rigid column carrier delivers class leading performance with enhanced vibration dampening capability without compromising on accuracy. This new version combines ergonomic design, agility with spindle performance and completes the VTC 800 series range, which has proved so popular in the UK market.”

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