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ND precision products takes advantage of real time information with status boards

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ND Precision Products (NDPP), an established ISO 9001:2015 accredited company and long-term user of PSL Datatrack production control software, has a stated mission to deliver precise, high-quality and complex tooling to its customers. The business has continued to invest in customised PSL Datatrack solutions (also GTMA Members) over the years to help achieve this goal. The latest investment has been in Status Boards, visual displays to provide real time production flow and order fulfilment information to the shop floor.

Configured to NDPP’s exact requirements, the Status Boards give shop floor operators clear visual data on the production status of any job. Just as importantly, they give management even greater control at a glance. “The Status Boards allow us to complete work in the best order, improving our efficiency and helping us to meet deadlines,” comments Nick Squire, Managing Director.

The first Status Board shows the specific job each member of the shop floor team is currently clocked on to and what stage they are at. Management can quickly check progress and make adjustments in line with business priorities, if necessary. The second Status Board shows a list of operations that still need to be conducted and when they need to be completed by in order to ensure on-time delivery of the order. Again, informed management decisions and adjustments to shop floor priorities can be made with this real time data available.

When NDPP first acquired PSL Datatrack it replaced inefficient manual business administration methods, including the use of emails to raise quotations – an approach that could often result in undercosted work and lost revenue.

This inefficiency was addressed through a series of PSL Datatrack modules, allowing the creation and administration of quotations, works orders, deliveries and invoicing to then be managed effectively. Work In Progress (WIP) and Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) were also implemented for order tracking and reporting capabilities for accurate costing reviews.

More areas were later identified where additional PSL Datatrack modules could make a positive impact; Purchase Invoicing and Scheduling. The Purchase Invoicing module validates supplier invoices against goods received to ensure that payments are made for goods at the correct price and in the correct quantities. The Scheduler module helps to manage the production flow throughout the entire factory by providing an overview of the time required to complete jobs within a given period, with ‘work to’ lists to provide shop floor staff with the optimum sequence of work through each factory resource and estimated completion reports highlighting which jobs may be late, allowing replanning and rescheduling to take place.

All of this investment resulted in total control over the entire supply chain. NDPP could demonstrate a fully integrated administration process to customers, including fair and accurate quotations and consistent on-time deliveries with reduced lead times. The company could even forecast tooling requirements to effectively manage even the most complex of engineering jobs. Customers in the automotive, aerospace and medical sectors, amongst many others, all benefitted.

Today, the services in demand from NDPP can vary considerably depending on customer requirements, with press and mould toolmaking a particular area of expertise. Customers come from many different markets but the production control procedures that the company now has in place through PSL Datatrack, including the new Status Boards, allows them to adapt. The company was able to react successfully to demand for their engineering services from the medical sector during the Covid-19 pandemic.

PSL Datatrack’s ongoing support for NDPP resulted in a strong relationship forging between the two companies, who are both members of the GTMA (Gauge and Tool Makers Association). Indeed, NDPP recognise the software as an ideal system for any precision engineering company of similar size and are happy to endorse it to fellow members.

“Utilisation of PSL Datatrack is very beneficial for every project we undertake. It enables us to be much more organised and we can now closely track our work from order to invoice in live time,” concludes Nick Squire. “Whenever we have a query or require customised reporting, PSL’s support team is always very helpful in suggesting solutions. Our investment over the years has suited us well and we are in a strong position for the future.”

For more information, visit or contact PSL Datatrack, Lily Hill House, Lily Hill Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 2SJ, Tel: +44 (0) 1344 827312,



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