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New coloured handles enhance ease of use for machines and industrial applications

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WDS Components has launched a new range of durable, coloured bow handles, ideal for use with machinery and many industrial applications. The handles are ideal for colour-coding and are available in an industry standard size, making them suited for straightforward OEM integration or end-user retrofit. To ensure long-term reliability, the designs are manufactured from hard wearing polymide and to enhance machine safety, they are also tamper-proof.

WDS’ new range of coloured bow handles, also known as bridge handles, include black, yellow, green, blue, red, and light grey highly visible inserts that span the length and width of the handle surface. The coloured insert is set within a black base. The range is ideally suited to machinery and can also be used on cabinets, work stations, and trolleys, as well as some lifting applications for weights up to 75kg.

Colour-coded simplicity

Bright or contrasting handle colours can enhance visibility and improve safety, useful in industrial settings. Colour-coding can also signify specific aspects of a machine or production process to aid quick identification and reduce the potential of operator errors. Different colours can represent controls such as start, stop, or emergency functions, or aspects such as hygiene with a blue handle. Colour variety can also enhance aesthetic design.

The bow handles are available in a single, industry standard size for straightforward OEM integration or retrofit. This is based on 150 mm between handle fixings, and a 177 mm overall width. Flexible and straightforward installation options also include front or reverse side mounting with a screw fixing. As the coloured insert is conveniently installed above the fixing, which removes visibility of the bolt head, this makes the handle tamper-proof and enhances safety and security.

Durability built-in

The handles are manufactured from polymide PA6 GF30 glass-filled nylon. This provides a comfortable and secure grip and makes the handles extremely durable with a high impact resistance. The nylon base also means the designs are lighter than comparable aluminium or steel handles and weigh just 60 g per unit. To enhance long-life, the handles are also highly corrosion-resistant with excellent defence against chemicals and moisture. This makes the handles well-suited for use in environments with exposure to saline or harsh chemicals, or outdoor use.

Polymide PA6 GF30 construction provides electrical insulation to enhance operator and machine safety. The material is also non-magnetic, preventing machine damage and ensuring accurate operation of sensitive equipment or devices.

Full product specifications, including free to download CAD images, as well as non-specialist 3D images, are available on The coloured bow handles can be found using product code WDS 8574.

WDS also supplies an alternative range of bridge handles with colour-coded cover caps.

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