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Nuclear News – Late October 2023

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Thousands of people across the UK will have the chance to train for careers in innovative fusion technology, under government plans unveiled today (Monday 16 October).

Speaking at the IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Nuclear Minister Andrew Bowie set out details of the new £650 million Fusion Futures Programme – part of the UK’s updated Fusion Strategy.

Measures include the creation of more than 2,200 training places across the country, a new fuel cycle testing facility to focus on commercialising the technology and funding to develop infrastructure for private fusion companies.


Fusion could be the ultimate clean power solution, representing a low carbon, safe, continuous and effectively unlimited source of energy. The UK is widely recognised as a world-leader in the most promising fusion technologies.

The UK government has updated its fusion strategy which sets out how the UK government will leverage scientific and technical, commercial and international leadership to enable delivery of fusion energy. It also contains details of Fusion Futures, the government’s alternative R&D programme to Euratom association.

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